EU Masters: where the champions of tomorrow are born

By Ucatchers

The run-up of the Italian teams at the European Masters starts today: Macko and Mkers respectively engaged against Mousesports today and BIG tomorrow.

The last final played by the LEC, the highest European League of Legends competition, told a clear data: seven out of ten players had played in an ERL, a regional league, for the past three years. In particular, six of them had even played in the European Masters in the last two. The European Masters, a continental competition that welcomes the best teams from each national championship, is in fact a showcase for players who aspire to lift the LEC trophy.

A career that starts long ago, made up of sacrifices and hard training, where luck, a pinch, is always useful. As in any competition, on the other hand. The goal, however, is a paradise: and it is called professionalism at the highest levels with contracts worth hundreds of thousands of euros. To get there, however, the ranks are really great and most of the chances are played in the best showcase that a player can aspire to in order to get noticed by the best teams on the continent: the European Masters.

Today the most important phase of the competition starts. After the first preliminary phase of Play-In it is time for the Main Event with sixteen participating teams: twelve already qualified thanks to the placings obtained in their leagues, such as the Macko arrived as winners of the PG Nationals, the Italian championship; four came instead from the Play-In phase, including the Mkers, second to the PG Nationals, who first conquered the Top2 in their group and then defeated the Z10 Eshark in the direct match for the passage of the round. The sixteen teams were drawn into four groups of four according to two criteria: their range, based on the coefficient of importance of a competitive league, and the league of origin, in order to distribute teams from the same leagues in different groups.

The Mackos have drawn Illuminar Gaming, third Polish seed, Mousesports, second German seed and Ucam, winner of the Spanish championship. BIG, champions of Germany, K1CK, second in Poland, and Anorthosis Famagosta, champions of Greece, instead for the Mkers. Although the Mkers come from the qualifying phase, paradoxically, they have obtained a slightly more affordable group than that of the Macko: Anorthosis is certainly not scary, albeit very respectable, and if the Italian team were to succeed even once but both against K1ck and against the Big then the next round could be within reach.

The situation is more complicated for the Mackos. Realism leads us to imagine as the only possibility of qualifying for the next round the imposition of a team on all the others, an undisputed domination that would lead a team, probably Ucam, on the score of 6-0 or 5-1, so to allow the Macko, if they reach three wins, to force a playoff with Illuminar or Mousesports. Imagining four victories for the Macko, a necessary but not sufficient condition for the passage of the round, is really a remote hypothesis.

It is impossible to forget the presence of another Italian. Ukrainian nationality but educated and competitively grown in Italy, Efias currently plays in the G2 Arctic, included in group B with Ago Rogue, Misfits Premier and Saim Se SuppUp. In total three Italians will be present at this EU Masters, all in the role of support: Efias, in fact, together with Click of the Mkers and Darkchri of the Macko. The competition will be broadcast entirely in Italian on PG Esports channels starting at 16:30 every day from 14 to 17 April for the first round and from 20 to 23 April for the second round.

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