EU Masters Knockout Stage review

By Ucatchers

In this article we are going to preview the teams that play the Knockout Stage of the EU Masters Spring. We will talk about the clear contenders and who we think should pass the rounds. Also of the value that the parties can have regarding their quotas.

First of all, let’s talk about the clear candidates to take this title. Misfits and Karmine Corp. Both are from the LFL, from the French region as we mentioned in the pre-tournament. This region was the one that came in better shape and stronger, by the level of the same league.

Between the two French teams, Karmine Corp we think is the total favorite. They have played in the toughest group of the EU Masters group stage and have gone 6-0. They have won all their matches very easily and have even said that they are not yet at their best.

On the other hand, Misfits should be the second best team in the tournament. They have shown to have a level well above the rest of their group. They have very good players and they can still improve. Also the strength of Misfits are the playoffs, they always serve as an extra force and this will work in their favor.

There are two other teams that have gone 6-0 in the group stage and that they can give some surprise that nobody expected. They are BIG and UCAM. The latter has shown to have a very good level in terms of macro gaming.

Valuable odds and possible picks at the EU Masters Knockout Stage

We only see one quota that may have value, since the others may be risky or do not have a sufficiently attractive quota. We talk about Misfits, who beat BT Excel 2-0 (bet365), that is his Asian handicap -1.5. The quota that they offer us for this game is quite good, it is a quota 2.

It is true that BT Excel has a good team, but Misfits not only has a better team, but they have shown that they know how to play their victory cards better and know how to play better as a team than Excel.

On the other hand, we also like UCAM’s -1.5 Handicap against Mkers, meaning that UCAM wins 2-0 (bet365). We believe that it is not worth enough, since the odds are 1.66, but if they start losing live on the first map, it should be a good start from 1.90 odds.

You can see the matches live here.

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