Esports Reputation Report: Inter and Qlash in the first places

By Ucatchers

The Italian Esports Observatory presented together with the partner KPI6 the rankings on the reputation of the main players in the esports world: many confirmations, but there is no shortage of surprises.

On the evening of April 15, the research conducted by KPI6, promoted by the Italian Esports Observatory, on the degree of reputation in the esports industry Italian for football clubs, teams, players (professionals but not only, as we will see) and commentators. It’s about a new type of research, carried out using artificial intelligence technology owner of the same KPI6 which examined and collected social conversations in the esports sector, analyzing the “sentiment“. In particular it represents qualitative research, rather than quantitative as has been done up to now, through which the various rankings have been drawn up that collect those who in the first quarter of 2021 had the greatest growth in terms of positive conversations on the various social networks and therefore of reputation.

It is not, therefore, a question of popularity, follower numbers or views. And it is important to underline it because the various rankings for this very reason entail surprises in terms not only of positioning but also of illustrious absences. Nello specific the number of conversations was measured for every subject belonging to the Esports world. This has led to an index, a score in essence, which takes into account the positive sentiment and the number of interactions received from these conversations, thus measuring the level of growth in reputational terms.

Taking for example the ranking of the most discussed Top 5, it is certainly not surprising the presence of the Qlash in first position. Undoubtedly one of the most active on social media, she managed to find the correct communication method for each platform, diversifying the contents in this sense. Present on numerous titles, it is also active as a Tournament Organizer, as well as creator of a education within the esports sector. On the other hand, the Totems in second position should not surprise, being one of the most prominent emerging realities in the sector, in full line with the purpose of the research. The Mkers instead they boast the third position by virtue, it is assumed, of the qualification for the Six Invitational, the Rainbow Six Siege world championship: the regret is that perhaps if the event had taken place in the first quarter as expected (before being postponed to May due to Covid19) the Mkers found in first or second position. Cyberground and Exeed are in line with the product, while the absence of Macko from the Top5 is astonishing. The organization, winner of the PG Nationals on both Rainbow Six Siege and League of Legends, second team ever after the Samsung Morning Stars (another illustrious absentee in this ranking) to succeeding in the same split, is perhaps the demonstration that in this sector the results are not enough to ensure excellent media exposure. However, the Mackos are far from absent on social media, they are indeed one of the best in creating video content in particular. The only explanation therefore is that they are a young organization (born just a year ago) which is currently on the path of creating its own community.

If, on the other hand, we look at the ranking of the Italian football Serie A clubs, we see practically the same podium as the football championship played: Inter, Milan and Juventus are in fact in the first three positions, thanks to both the eSerie A Tim but not only. The top four, which also includes the neo-semifinalist Roma of the Europa League, are in fact the clubs that boast a presence massive in the Italian esports sector beyond participation in the eSerie A Tim. The ownership of Inter boasts a team in the Chinese League of Legends, the Suning, who have even played in the final of the 2020 Worlds, as well as having FIFA players of international importance. Milan, on the other hand, lives on the media strength of the Qlash with whom it has entered into a strategic partnership, sponsoring not only FIFA players with their own shirt and brand but also the international ones of Brawl Stars. Juventus and Roma then both compete in the PES2021 eFootball Pro League, Konami’s most important European competition.

Immediately after the report he went to analyze the Commentators. Contrary to what you might think, this section is not dedicated exclusively to casters (who comments on a match live) but to all those who tell about eSports. The personalities represented also bring out the preferences of the Italian public in terms of titles. Francesco Lombardo, Roberto Prampolini and Emiliano Marini they are all characters from the world of League of Legends: the first is a reporter who collaborates with various newspapers while the other two deal with telling the PG Nationals and Amazon University eSports, two of the main competitions in our country. Filippo Burresi is one of the top caster of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft’s tactical shooter that is very strong in Italy and has a whopping 2 million unique players. Simone “Akira” Trimarchi, then, is the historical commentator of CS: GO and the ESL eSporting world, demonstrating that despite the lack of media attention, Counter Strike is still very popular in Italy.

In the category Player have made their appearance so many great names like that of Giorgio “Pow3r” Calandrelli as well as emerging players who are forging their way in the world of esports. In the top three we have Gabriele GaBBoDSQ Gaiba who in the period between January and March managed to collect a lot of traffic and to have 71% of positive conversations concerning him. Andrea Mengucci, on the other hand, rode the wave of the landing of his eSport (the card game Magic the Gathering) on ​​mobile devices according to a growth trend that will continue throughout 2021 and 2022. Pow3r, thanks to his personality and the many partnerships that concern him, always does talk about himself and there is no doubt that we will find it again in the next quarterly report thanks to the very important partnership it has just signed with Vodafone. In the last 2 places of this top 5 we find Marco Chiappa (aka “Fizzo” player of Clash Royale) and Cristian David (player of FIFA of the eVolute team).

Could not miss it too the analysis of the brands that are most committed to investments and initiatives within the eSports world. Nike and Adidas are now the cornerstones of industry sponsorships thanks to a multi-year strategy that began several years ago. Adidas was also one of the first to believe in Italian eSports and now he is focusing on big personalities and initiatives like those made with Pow3r and Exeed. It is important to note the presence of Gucci because it is the only one belonging to the luxury segment of the list and this bodes well for the future of sponsorships in Italy, home of the most recognizable and prestigious fashion brands in the world. The Esports Reputation Report is included in the database of the OIES National Esports Study Center, the largest data and research center on the sector in Italy, which is made available in full to the members of the Observatory. “With the Esports Reputation Report, the depth of research we make available to the sector has taken a further leap in quality – they declare Luigi Caputo and Enrico Gelfi, co-founder of the OIES – The real influence today is no longer dictated only by the number of followers, but on the real ability to aggregate positive reactions and comments. Reputation is an indispensable parameter to consider the true influencers of a market. With this work we add further value to our National Esports Study Center, which has now become the nerve center for knowledge of the Italian export sector “.

Giuseppe Lo Forte, marketing executive of KPI6 also shares the same opinion: “The players in the Esport world enjoy a positive reputation towards their audience that we can hardly manage to register in other sectors. This makes Esports an ideal channel for Brands who wish to position themselves or strengthen their positioning in the mind of Generation Z. KPI6, through the analysis of audiences and the sector, is ready to guide Brands in making such investment decisions “.

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