Esports Outlook 2021: IIDEA’s snapshot of Italian exports

By Ucatchers

The new photograph of the main successes of the Italian players in the sector in the first quarter of the year is available.

IIDEA, the trade association representing the video game industry in Italy, today presents the first appointment with the Esports Outlook 2021, an account of the principal results achieved by the Italian players of competitive gaming in the first three months of the year realized through the voices of members operating in the sector, as tournament organizers and esports teams.

The start of 2021 was a period of competitive success for our country’s esports scene. In early 2021 Qlash celebrated with the victory of Riccardo “Reynor” Romiti at the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, where the young Tuscan has marked a historic feat: he is the first Italian to win the tournament putting an end to the Korean domination that lasted since 2011. The echo of this extraordinary feat has reached the rooms of politics: Fabiana Dadone, newly elected Minister of Youth Policy, took the ball and tried her hand in a live interview on Twitch with Reynor. Reply Totems were the only Italian team to qualify for the world finals of the Apex Legends circuit, scheduled after the end of the Winter Circuit. The tournament will offer a total of one million dollars. I Macko Esports, a new Apulian organization born less than a year ago, project themselves into the Italian ecosystem by creating a historic double: champions of both the Winter Split on Rainbow Six Siege and the Spring Split of League of Legends, thus qualifying for the European Masters of the Riot Games circuit. GoSkilla also obtains the qualification to the European Masters of League of Legends, graduating as Baltic Masters champion without a single defeat. Pro2Be Esports and its partner clubs qualify for the 2021 Fifa eClub World Cup finals: Ac Monza is Genoa Cfc are among the best 8 esports teams in Europe and as the only Italian sports clubs competing in Zone 4 of the competition known as the World Club Championship on Fifa21.

March was also the month of the A Tim eSerie, the first virtual football championship with the participation of Serie A clubs. The group stage of the competition, organized by PG Esports, started on March 9 after a first phase characterized by the Draft Showdown, where the best rookies in Italy they are put on display to be chosen by the clubs of the top league, and by the Pre-Season, a series of friendlies within the clubs themselves that have developed strategies and synergies between their players. The 17 participating teams will compete in three groups of four and one group of five in order to access the eliminatory stages. In this context, Exeed has signed an agreement with the Cagliari Calcio club, which involves the development and management of an entire esports section, involving titles such as Fifa21, Pes2021, Rocket League and Fortnite. The partnership led to the first place in Group B of the Fifa21 eSerieA. Hexon Esports, on the other hand, reaches the head of group A in collaboration with Fiorentina Esport.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has launched a new initiative on Ps4 for all fans of Fifa, the Club Scouting Challenge. An esports tournament played on virtual fields which, with the involvement of the best Italian football clubs, aims to activate the PlayStation community by trying to find the champions of the future. It started in April until May 2020, together with As Roma and Esl Italia, with the first tournament on Fifa 20, obtaining an excellent response from the Italian community with more than 16,000 participants. Given the enormous success, it was decided to replicate the activity in February 2021 in partnership with a new Italian club, FC Internazionale. The tournament, open for the first time also to European users, saw the participation of about 6,800 players, demonstrating the effectiveness of the project and how activities of this kind are becoming increasingly central in the PlayStation universe.

Riot Games has announced the arrival in Italy of a new amateur competition. In fact, starting from March it will be possible to register for the ‘Tormenta Circuit’ which will allow all non-professional players to compete in a competitive environment with titles such as League of Legends, Valorant and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

On the partnership front, several strategic agreements were signed in the first months of the year. ProGaming Italy, recently included by the Financial Times in the “FT 1000 – Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies”, ranking of the 100 European companies with the highest growth rate, announced a double partnership for Valorant with Riot Games and Freaks4U Gaming. The collaboration will include the exclusive Italian-language production of all international competitions, providing live coverage of the Valorant Champion’s Tour throughout 2021. The company will also bring Agent’s Range to Italy which, starting from March, will be the reference hub for the Italian community and Valorant fans. The partnership between Nle and Monster Energy, which began in 2019, will continue into 2021 through social activities and the main motorsport events on the occasion of MotoGP, Motocross and Sbk. Monster Energy will be beverage partner of the entire Notorious Legion team providing support during live streams and events of the orange and black team. HSL Esports announces a collaboration with Studio Assist & Partners: the focus will be on the reciprocal extension of the services offered by the two companies, encouraging the active exchange of professional skills and available resources. During the month of March, Outplayed became the first Italian team to land on with its own dedicated showcase, where it will be possible to buy not only the official team clothing but also the first collection signed by the renowned Italian artist Andrea Natale.

In conclusion, Mces Italia has created the Athlete League, an amateur export event with over 15,000 participants, a record number of participants in Italian history, on 8 different titles and a prize pool of € 40,000. Morning Stars, on the other hand, together with the pro-player Piz, broadcast the Fncs, the European Fortnite championship on Twitch recording during the event 4 million views and 20 thousand people connected at the same time, the equivalent of a large, completely full building.

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