Esports, Draghi’s programmatic lines and the “NGEU” plan

By Ucatchers

The political path abruptly interrupted by the recent government crisis could resume shortly with a technical approach that must be given quick and accurate answers to citizens, but above all to many productive sectors stopped, or almost, for too long. On pain of a future with an economic-employment situation even worse than the one we are emerging from.

The answer will have to come primarily in terms of fair redistribution of resources as well as in the usual battle against waste, which for the Italian State has always been a struggle against the quixotic windmills.

To restart the country, to restart production plans and / or give impetus to new sectors that have developed in the meantime (such as the competitive gaming industry), it is necessary to start (after becoming aware of their existence) from a simplification of existing regulations (another battle so far always lost by Italy) and by one orderly regulation of those sectors that do not yet have precise reference standards.

Esports, for Italian politics, have remained firm. Emblematic what had happened in the first half of 2019, when the discussion around a Law Decree [DDL n. 1372] which also contains provisions on sports regulations, sports professions and simplification, had received (from the senators Luca Ciriani and Antonio Iannone) a proposal for modification with the inclusion of the phrase “identification of the figure of the worker in the field of esports and definition, in the context of the sports system, of the relative regulations on insurance, social security and tax matters and of the management rules of the relative pension fund without new or greater charges to be borne by public finance “. The proposed change was rejected.

In light of the increasing specific weight of the competitive gaming sector is having, even in our country (which translated means: investments and jobs, especially for young people), this should probably also enter the political agenda, even more so after the opening of the traditional sports sectors towards the digitalization of their brand through esports. Coni has reached a good goal (and in a few weeks we will know more), but still not enough.

I close by including some lines sent to us by Mauro Nicastri, president of AIDR, the Italian digital revolution Association, which identified in the first words of the new Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, a precise programmatic line for the new Government: A precise lineup, few and specific steps. The prime minister in charge Mario Draghi has already outlined the list of priorities in his speech at the Quirinale: “awareness of the emergency requires responses that are up to the situation – said the former ECB President – aware of the extremely delicate moment that the country is facing” , adding immediately after the lines to follow in order of priority: complete the vaccination campaign, offer answers to citizens’ daily problems, relaunch the country. How to achieve the objectives listed above, Draghi adds a moment later: “we have the extraordinary resources of the European Union – he says – resources that will allow us to do a lot for the younger generation and for the strengthening of social cohesion “. Yes, the response to the most ferocious crisis that has hit our society has a name: “Next Generation EU”, an unprecedented plan, a reform package destined to overcome the crisis, while bridging the Italian gap in terms of digitization. It is no coincidence that the common thread of what has been renamed the new Marshall Plan go through using new technologies, structural interventions, digital relaunch projects. From this point of view, digitization is no longer a mere opportunity, an added value, but becomes a fundamental element for the growth of each sector. A lesson that in times of pandemic, unfortunately we have all learned, if there has been an answer, it came thanks to digitization. Now Europe shows us the path to take and also makes resources available to our country, there are no more alibis, therefore, and even the prime minister in charge Draghi remembers this in his very first speech.

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