Esportainment: 2Watch gets € 450,000 in investment

By Ucatchers

The reality launched in February 2021 has convinced new investors to bet on exhibition: € 450,000 for the new investments to come.

2Watch was born in February 2021, the innovative startup that has set itself the goal of combining esports and entertainment, proposing itself as a media-tech company led by Fabrizio Perrone, former founder of Buzzoole. The target is clear: to reach and communicate both with Millennials but above all with the younger representatives of Generation Z. Esports, intended not only as a competition but as a large entertainment container linked to the world of gaming, is the perfect channel for communication which, according to the most recent report made by Nielsen and commissioned by IIDEA, today involves about 1.4 million fans in Italy, of which 466,000 are the so-called avid fan.

2Watch has therefore focused on this sector, thanks also to the know-how of the other founders such as Mattia Caltagirone, former partner and COO of GEC, and Gianpiero Miele, founder of Gamerwall, who was also joined by Fabrizio Fiorentino, journalist and innovation manager. With an offer based on entertainment related to video games and the organization of tournaments through a proprietary application, 2Watch is charting a new path which aims to bring casual gamers closer to the export world and contribute to legitimizing new professional figures such as pro players or streamers in the Italian scenario.

Among the main pillars on which 2Watch is focusing in its path. L’esportainment: 2Watch in fact, within its studios, creates video productions that tell the world of export and gaming in Italy with a television cut but declined to be broadcast on platforms such as Twitch in order to involve the GenZ audience that prefers a interactive to traditional entertainment. Technology: 2Watch has created an application that allows users to create tournaments with friends or participate in larger tournaments and, thanks to a proprietary algorithm, to select the most talented users for a possible training path to become a professional streamer or a successful player. And finally training: the edutainment activity plays a fundamental role for 2Watch which, thanks to a board of experts, intends to support aspiring players / streamers in the realization of a path of professional growth.

Important first months for 2Watch than in recent days announced that they had raised € 450,000 in their first round of investments, to the full satisfaction of the founders and Fabrizio Perrone: “We are delighted to announce this first round of investment. We actually planned to collect no more than 100k but in a few weeks we received over 650k of commitment which allowed us to select the most suitable partners to support the project. The attention towards this world is growing very quickly, just think that this year for the first time Esports will be present at the Tokyo Olympics with the Olympic Virtual Series. “

The media-tech company managed to attract investments from important strategic players such as Quadronica Srl, creators of, Maria Laura Albini, former Marketing Director of Inter, Fabrizio Rinaldi, Digital Innovation Manager of Versace, Salvatore Ippolito, formerly of Twitter, GIEFFE Srl, a manufacturer of video game equipment, and important Angels Investors such as Luca Morpurgo, Salvatore Esposito, Giuseppe D’Antonio, Ivan D’avanzo and others. To expose himself among all is Salvatore Esposito: “I strongly believe in the development of the market linked to esports and videogames in Italy and Europe given the success that the sector is experiencing in Asia and the USA. 2WATCH has all the credentials to grow exponentially thanks to an experienced founding team and an offer that perfectly interprets current trends. “

Another novelty for 2Watch is represented by the news that a video game tournament will soon start, involving some of the most important Italian universities with scholarships up for grabs for the participants.

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