Esport Revolution: “green” turn, signed agreement with Espeko

By Ucatchers

The Neapolitan club aims to raise awareness among its followers on “green” issues.

The Esport Revolution take the field to protect nature and the environment. In fact, the Naples-based club aims to raise awareness among its fans on “green” issues and does so starting from a partnership with the Espeko company, which specializes in waste treatment and disposal.

At a time of such great attention to esports and eco-sustainability issues, Esports Revolution uses its media strength to educate the youngest. The youngest are the target audience of the esports world and the correct behavior in waste disposal must start from them.

“The Esports movement is growing dramatically, so it is our responsibility to use our ability to reach the youngest to send educational messages – said Diego Trinchillo, co-founder of Esport Revolution -. Respect for nature and protection of the environment are fundamental issues that today’s children must learn right away. Companies like Espeko help our territory, and we too will continue to give our all to do our part and become a point of reference, a valid alternative for the young people of Campania and Southern Italy ”, concluded Trinchillo.

With this initiative, Esports Revolution confirms its commitment to its territory. In the past the club had already distinguished itself in this sense. After launching the first Gaming House in all of southern Italy, creating a center of aggregation and meeting for young people, the team had linked his name to a series of social initiatives.

Among them also the agreement with Michele Spanò’s “Storto, ma not too much”, a disabled boy with whom the club wanted to launch a message of inclusion and hope. The partnership with the company Espekoinstead marks the start of a “green” turning point for the Neapolitan club. A choice that demonstrates once more how environmental issues have fully entered the esports agenda.

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