eSerie A Tim eFootball Pes 2021, Fjona Cakalli cuts the ribbon

By Ucatchers

The influencer and content creator will present the matches that will take place in the virtual stadiums of eFootball ProEvolutionSoccer 2021 during the 7 episodes that will start tomorrow, March 30th.

The first esports championship of the Serie A League will start tomorrow, Tuesday 30 March, produced by Infront, organizer, producer and commercial advisor of the event, in collaboration with PG Esports. Within the virtual stadiums of eFootball PES 2021, seventeen teams will battle to win the title of champion of Italy.

The Regular Season provides for the division of the clubs into four groups in which the teams will compete in home and away matches. A playoff phase will then follow to arrive at the awaited Final Eight. The conduct of the live eSerie A TIM | eFootball PES 2021, on the official Twitch and YouTube channels of the eSerie A TIM, is entrusted to a multifaceted professional such as Fjona Cakalli, influencer and presenter but above all a great expert in the world of gaming.

Since childhood, Fjona Cakalli has been passionate about videogames thanks to the gift of a Nes console. After studying in the tourism sector and in the marketing and corporate communication sector, gaming becomes a profession thanks to employment as a store manager in a video game store where he deepens his knowledge of the world of gamers and their needs.

In 2011 he created the blog, the first Italian all-female tech magazine, and, in 2013, to expand his project and go beyond the boundaries of gaming, he founded the portal in which he talks about the opportunities offered by technology making them understandable and usable by a wider and heterogeneous audience.

Fjona is a river full of ideas and strong passions and among these, in addition to video games and tech, the automotive one stands out, in fact, in 2014, it gives life to the YouTube channel TheDrivingFjona, for which it conducts drive tests and debunks the cliché of the difficult relationship between women and engines. In 2019, after having founded, it is time for a new challenge, the birth of Techdream, the reality that includes its publications and makes inclusivity, attention to content and cross-media its trademark.

The challenges never end for Fjona and the gamers of the eSerie A TIM | eFootball PES 2021, will find bread for their teeth with its great experience. The live broadcast starts at 13:00; starting from 18:30 the conducting of Fjona Cakalli will begin.

It is possible to follow the event from the link directly from the eSerie A website.

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