ERL results February 1: France already scares in Europe

By Ucatchers

Full Esports- ERL Review February 1

In this new section we will do a review of the results of the main ERLs this February 1. Throughout all of Europe, the different regional leagues in each country have been giving the starting gun. These competitions will serve as a benchmark for the next European Masters, which will measure the best of each of these places. Let the race begin to be the best team outside the LEC.

LFL Matchday Review: Misfits Premier rules and the rest follow

In a record start for the French league, Misfits Premier it is the only undefeated team to date. This data is even more chilling if we think about the level of the competition, and what has faced three of the strongest organizations of this start. They would only have to measure themselves against Vitality.Bee. It is difficult to stay with just one player from the team, since the group formed by Aggressive – Shlatan – Sertuss – Woolite – Jactroll is playing a group exalted level.

The surprise of the day was the protagonist LDLC OL. The team arrives this year after losing important pieces such as Side, Tynx or Vetheo. In addition, the signings do not end up exciting, since Dan Dan, Manaty Y Eika they are not improvements in any case to what already existed. With a 2-3 on the global scoreboard, we will have to wait to see if they are able to be with those above.

Review of the day Ultraliga: AGO ROGUE imposes its law once again

In the Polish league, things run smooth and orderly. The breakdown of large teams like 7more7 Pompa, K1CK Neosurf or AGO ROGUE It seems to have changed nothing. Both three are up, although the second has found it difficult to start a little more.

The ROGUE academy, formed by Sinmivak – Lurox – Sencux – Lucker – Pirka has started sweeping. Not even the other two competitors have been able to cope. The acid test will be to the surprise of this beginning, which comes with a pace that could hardly be improved.

The boys of Illuminate they continue with a continuity project with the only signing of Czajek, but what a signing. Besides him, the shooter, Hate11, is having an incredible start. In his first four games he has not died, and has a KDA of 38. You encounter a result of 4-0 tied for first place with AGO ROGUE. We will see if they are able to stand up to the current champion of the European Masters.

NLC day review: BT Excel sweeps and Fnatic bleeds earlier than expected

The league formed by the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries has a clear dominance. Separated into two groups of six teams, the group A is commanded by BT Excel. The Excel academy has well-known names for the Spanish fans such as Orome, Markoon, Hatrixx or Deadly. Undefeated so far, lead their group rankings with a firm step. The Dutch jungle stands out. who has managed to shine with four different champions, and has a KDA of 11.4.

At B Group, the fight is more even. Fnatic Rising is tied for first place with Barrage and Singularity, which a priori should be more affordable rivals. FNC lost to Barrage, they lost to Singularity and in turn these to Fnatic Rising.

This new week of competition will start the return of the confrontations and we will see if logic prevails in the end or if more stumbling blocks occur. As a curiosity, FNC Rising split the first two maps with Lindgarde, a Swedish top lane from 16 years old who plays as a shooter, but who made up for the lack of Pride.

Prime League review: Mousesports and UOL as main bastions

The German competition aims as one of the most interesting in all of Europe, both for surprises and for level. With only five contested maps, already There are no undefeated teams or teams without scoring, which speaks of the prevailing equality. Mousesports Y UOL Sexy Edition lead the table with a 4-1 on the global scoreboard.

The direct confrontation between the two was a victory for the unicorns of love. The player with the best statistics in the competition is Decay, the center lane of UOL. ANDn five maps he has only died four times, garnering a KDA 12.2. He has come to play champions like Anivia, Vel’Koz or Malphite.

Without a doubt, the real surprise in the review of results in the ERL this February 1 is PENTA 1860. The club, which ascended this winter by the hand of Marhoder, he meets a 3-2 as thirdill. With names little known by the Spanish scene such as Funk3y or Phantomles, they will give to speak in the next reviews to the ERL. The Schalke academy or Ad Hoc Gaming have already suffered in their flesh from the PENTA team.

Rest of regions: Mkers leads in Italy

The Italian league is one of those competitions that grows by leaps and bounds, and your current level is proof of that. The PGN has very interesting equipment such as Cyberground, Axolotl or Samsung Morning Stars, but the main winner of this start is Mkers.

A quintet with names known in the scene as Doxy, Taxer or Zwyroo that is making things difficult for the rest. You know what it’s like to lose, since they left an important point against Macko Esports. Right now they are solo leaders with a 5-1.

So far the review of the results in the ERL on this February 1. For next week they wait surprises and new protagonists that will bring us a little closer to these leagues. There is less and less for the European Masters and from Full Esports we want you not to miss anything that happens in each of their regional competitions.

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