End to All Stars League November 10

By Ucatchers

In this tournament, 9 € 10 tickets will be awarded to play The Turbo PKO-05 NLHE with € 40,000 guaranteed.

Tonight we will play the fourth and last tournament in November of the League All Star10 2020 that returns to PokerStars so you can enjoy the best tournaments that the red spade room offers you.

Tonight, from 21:30 (with late registration of 60 min), you can enjoy this great tournament, with which we follow the season in the League All Star10 in its 2020 edition.

In this tournament, 9 tickets of € 10 to dispute The Turbo PKO-05 NLHE with € 40,000 guaranteed.

ANDThe tournament is already in the lobby.

Here you have all the details of tonight’s tournament League All Star10 2020:

  • Type of Poker: Texas Hold’em No-Limit.
  • Room: PokerStars
  • Day: Thursday, November 26.
  • Tournament name: Liga All Star10 (3054413095).
  • Time: 9:30 p.m. (60 minute late registration)
  • Ticket price (buy-in): € 1.81 + € 0.19.
  • Added award: 9 tickets of € 10 to dispute The Turbo PKO-05 NLHE with € 40,000 guaranteed.
  • Re-buys: No.
  • Bounty: ELI0407, juanysjuan and PIRULO2
  • Blind levels: Will go up every 10 min.
  • Initial chips: 2,000.

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