Elyoya makes the leap to Europe and signs for MAD Lions

By Ucatchers

MAD Lions sign Elyoya

Several weeks ago a fairly strong rumor came to light that brought Javier closer “Elyoya” Prades to the LEC team of MAD Lions. Yesterday afternoon the arrival of the Spanish jungle to the lions was confirmed and waiting to start the 2021 season.

The travel of Elyoya in this 2020 has been similar to that of a rocket, since the jungle started the year in the competitive amateur and finishing in what has been one of the best LEC teams this year (not counting the mediocre results from Worlds).

An unequaled rise of Elyoya to finish in the den

As we mentioned earlier, the jungle he started the season at Movistar Riders Academy to win the Circuit Tormenta. After his good results in this competition, the first team gave it a try to shine in Superliga Orange. Many people put Elyoya in their power rankings since he was not well known in today’s scene and it was normal being a rookie.

But nevertheless, Jungle Riders Performed Outstanding Spring Split and with flashes of mechanical master. It was not until summer when we saw the Madrilenian explode completely. Became the best player in the league by far being a key piece in Movistar Riders. His jump to LEC was imminent and MAD Lions didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

A MAD Lions that continues to bet on the Rookies

The lThe Lions’ legacy to the LEC meant a generational change in the league, as we went from a more classic club like Splyce Vipers to a completely renovated MAD Lions. What were once Vizicsacsi or Xerxe were traded for Carzzy or Kaiser. The commitment to promises and not to the classics was noticeable from afar.

With the signing of Elyoya and the possible arrival of Turkish İrfan “Armut” Berk Tükek to the top lane to replace Andrei “Orome” Popa, the lions hope to at least repeat the feat of last season and qualify for at least the 2021 Worlds in China.

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