eLaLiga Santander: Neat and Maestro Squad remain in the lead

By Ucatchers

eLaLiga Santander: Neat and Maestro Squad remain in the lead

Days nine and ten of the eLaLiga Santander have come to an end. Little by little, the panorama of which clubs will be fighting for the leadership of their respective groups is clearing. One more week, both Real Valladolid de Neat (group A) as the UD Lift of Master Squad (B Group) lead their respective groups.

Neat had no mercy against Carayol and JRA

And how could it be otherwise, we started the analysis of group A with a stratospheric performance of Neat. The young prodigy of DUX Gaming and from Real Valladolid faced Snail (AD Alcorcón) on his first stake of matchday nine. A meeting where Snail put up resistance, but that ultimately went to him Pucela (2-0).

Moment of the match between Neat and Carayol / Photo: eLaLiga (Twitch).

In the turn, a stellar Ronaldo Nazario finished culminating the great work of Neat to take the victory for 4-1, points and establish a forceful 6-1. In his duel on day ten, before JRA (Real Club Celta de Vigo), it was a litmus test to finish confirming his candidacy.

Quickly, Neat managed to get ahead thanks to the goal of Leo Messi. Yes indeed, JRA he rebuilt and managed to tie thanks to the target of Cruyff. From there, Neat took out all his game and managed to get ahead again thanks to a great shot from Ronaldo Nazario and finally get the 3-1, work of Messi.

Moment of the match between Neat and JRA / Photo: eLaLiga (Twitch).

Yes JRA I had some hope of comeback Neat cut it off in the return match, with a 0-2 fast in the first 20 minutes. Finally, the Real Valladolid won by a global of 6-2. Yes, JRA managed to add three points since he defeated in his first duel Tasting (Albacete) for a tight 4-5. It should be noted that the La Mancha team lost by a 4-3 in the global before CF Sabadell (AlvaritoMago10).

Although Neat He was the main protagonist of group A, he was not the only one who left signs of his good form. In the duel between YOU The Palms (Jun7mp_) and the CF Fuenlabrada (DanielAguilar4), both offered a constant give and take, with several games within the same tie, being the Canarian player the one who ended up winning by a 6-4 in the global.

The Madrid derby was for Fuenlabrada and the Sevillian classic for Sevilla FC

Despite the defeat to the UD Las Palmas, Daniel Aguilar managed to compensate before Getafe CF (Ranerista), winning the first leg by 3-0, although it had to do with how Ranerista, with a lethal Maradona, almost took the points away (3-2 for him Fuenlabrada).

Moment of the match between DanielAguilar4 and Ranerista / Photo: eLaLiga (Twitch).

Regarding the duel between Seville FC (Pepeelbotellu) and the Villarreal CF (H1dalgoo), the yellow submarine managed to defeat the Seville team, not without suffering until the end with a tight 3-2.

Derbies was the day, since it was the turn of the Sevillian derby between the Real Betis (XexuBTS) and the Sevilla FC (Pepeelbotellu). The Hispanics were very comfortable in the first game, getting a magnificent income of 3-0. On the return, Pepeelbotellu He gave no option to the comeback and ended up sentencing the duel, winning by a global of 7-1.

CD Tenerife continues its good streak

It was the turn of CD Tenerife (Andyelmessy) in his duel before the SD Ponferradia (david_CRACK_gaga). The chicharreros, located in the upper part of the championship, demonstrated their status as favorites and managed to add a long-suffering victory for a tight 4-3 in the global. To top it off, the SD Ponferradina He also gave up in his second duel against him Villarreal CF (3-2 for the yellow submarine).

Moment of the match between MarcosBullten and Carayol / Photo: eLaLiga (Twitch).

Zidane 10 (Elche CF) Y Soler_fifa_14 (Cadiz CF) gave an even duel and with constant alternations. After the narrow victory of the people of Cadiz por 3-2 before him FC Cartagena, both sets signed a 2-2 in the aggregate, dividing the points. For his part, RCD Mallorca of Enricruz 10 saw how SD Eibar of Pacobulnes He was tied for the global a few minutes from the end (3-3).

As for the remaining duels of the group A of the eLaLiga Santander, the CD Lugo of Marcosbullten did not have too many problems in his match against the AD Alcorcón of Carayol (7-3). The FC Cartagena (abel_vk) bowed to the SD Eibar (Pacobulnes) for 4-2. The RCD Mallorca beat by 4-1 to the CD Lugo and in the last duel of group A, the Elche CF crushed the Real Betis by a blunt 4-0.

Adriidomenech beat MaestroSquad and Adriman starred in the goals of the week

Entering the highlights of the B Group of the eLaLiga Santander, the UD Logroñés of Adriidomenech overwhelmingly beat the UD Lift of Master Squad. The current leader of the group, who arrived unbeaten, gave in to the second classified of the B Group. In the first leg, both pro players showed their level, but the victory fell on the granota side due to a tight 2-1.

Moment of the match between Maestro Squad and Adriidomenech / Photo: eLaLiga (Twitch).

On the return, Adriidomenech knocked on the table in the eLaLiga Santander, crushing MaestroSquad for 7-1 based on combining an elastic game in attack and solid in defense (8-3 in the global). Besides, the UD Logroñés had a round day, since he also won his commitment before the YOU Almeria (Ralfitita) for a tight 6-5, which leaves you at a point on the head of the B Group.

About Adriman (Real Oviedo), little can be said about the player of DUX Gaming that we do not know. His year is being splendid and he once again showed his level against him Malaga CF (Brutaker). In the first leg, Adriman had already resolved his tie, by winning by 0-6. In the return meeting, Adriman, already more relaxed, won by a comfortable (4-0). A 10-0 that makes clear his status as a favorite.

Moment of the match between Adriman and Brutaker / Photo: eLaLiga (Twitch).

Adriman did not stay there, since he had no mercy JoseBailon_11, for the Granada CF. The Real Oviedo repeated the same formula again, winning the first leg by a 6-0 and for a 5-1 on the way back (11-1). Two tie that are scary and that gives a warning to his rivals that he wants to take this eLaLiga Santander.

One of the best Spanish pros of recent years, Andoni, I was looking to climb positions in the B Group in his duel before him CD Leganés (Pablo Ambrosio22). Despite losing the first game by a 1-0, Andoni He knew how to calm down and come back in the second, making the Athletic Madrid take the three points (6-1).

Of course, in his duel before him Real Sporting (Ferperry), Andoni he was outmatched in both games, losing the first game due to a tight 4-3 and giving up on the Metropolitan Wanda for 1-3 (4-7 for Asturians).

SD Huesca (IcyJonii) Y Girona FC (ByDani9) gave a magnificent performance in their tie, the Catalan club being the winner (5-2). Yes, the SD Huesca added his second loss to the Deportivo Alavés (Aangelitto_98). In the first duel, the slime foxes managed to win by 4-2, with a goal from Fekir In the last minute. In the second, the Deportivo Alavés resisted and conquered (6-4).

Moment of the match between Aangelitto_98 and IcyJonii / Photo: eLaLiga (Twitch).

Gravesen and Real Zaragoza are climbing positions

The Real Zaragoza of Jaime Alvarez, better known as Gravesen, he won his first leg duel at Valencia CF (VIVI) for a comfortable 2-0. A triumph based on not conceding anything to the pro de los ches. On the return leg, the player’s pulse did not tremble. DUX Gaming and managed to win by 2-3 in the fiefdom of Mestalla (2-5).

On his second engagement, the Real Zaragoza faced the CA Osasuna of Cone1996fc. The first duel was for the Aragonese, thanks to a narrow victory por 2-3. Nevertheless, Cone1996fc I know remade and assaulted The Romareda for a tight 0-1, causing the distribution of points (3-3).

As for the rest of the most outstanding meetings of the B Group of the eLaLiga Santander, the RCD Espanyol of Oskybs99 beat by 4-2 to Real society of Yerayzr. The Girona FC of ByDani added his second victory against UD Almeria of Ralfitita (5-2). The CD Castellón of Zumaquero10 imposed his game on him CD Mirandés of Lewis killer (7-2) and Alavés and Real Sporting signed the tables (4-4).

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