eLaLiga: Dani Alves, signings and the best of the day

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eLaLiga: Dani Alves, signings and the best of the dayClassification of group B of the eLaLiga Santander.

The eLaLiga Santander has fired the starting gun. The tournament of the national competition of esports returns stronger than ever, as this edition has more professional clubs on the national scene. In it, a series of signings have been announced that have been more than striking.

Dani Alves returns to Sevilla FC… Making Good Crazy represent the Seville club in the eLaLiga

The first bomb came out with the rumor that the veteran Brazilian soccer player, Dani alves, go back to Sevilla FC to defend their colors. It was finally confirmed, although not as Seville fans expected. The esports team of Dani alves, Good Crazy, club that is associated with S2V, will participate together with Sevilla FC in the eLaLiga Santander.

The Brazilian confessed that when the opportunity arose to link me again with him Sevilla FC through competition eLaLiga He did not think about it for a minute, for all that it means and meant his beginnings in that club. Without a doubt, it was a more than striking movement that the Sevilla FC.

Neat and Valladolid, Adrimann001 and Real Oviedo

DUX Gaming He was not far behind and during the week they announced two important collaborations. The first was that of Neat, who was announced as the representative of the Real Valladolid. The second was carried out by Adriman001. He pro player and the Real Oviedo joined their paths for the eLaLiga Santander.

A start full of emotion with a very plugged-in DNavarrete

The day started last Tuesday with group A and with the victory of to usually do, player of the Cadiz, before Neat. The representative of Real Valladolid, one of the favorites for the title, suffered at its premiere, losing the first match by 3-1, although he won in the second by 2-1. It is also worth noting the good start of DNavarrete (SD Eibar), who prevailed over Alvaro Mago (Sabadell) in both games, getting all six points.

Moment of the meeting between Soler and Neat / Source: eLaLiga (You Tube).

In the duel between Villarreal (Adrian Cifuentes) and CD Lugo (Mark Bullten), both pros had matches of high equality, although they finally remained in a 3-3 global, distributing the points. After the first batch, it was the turn of the duel between Ponferradina and Sevilla FC. Pepeelbotellu (Sevilla FC) had no mercy and took both meetings, with a masterful 7-1.

Moment of the meeting between david_CRACK and Pepeelbotellu / Source: eLaLiga (You Tube).

Ranerista did not start the eLaLiga Santander on the right foot

In the duel they faced Cartagena and YOU The palms, Jun7mp, representative of the island team, managed to sign up both parties, with a solid 1-4 in both. The “surprise” occurred in the first duel between the RCD Mallorca (Enricruz10) and the Getafe CF (Ranerista). The player of the azulón team, one of the most experienced on the circuit, gave up 5-0 in the first and 1-3 In a second (1-8 in the global).

Moment of the meeting between Enricruz and Ranerista / Source: eLaLiga (You Tube).

In the confrontation between the Fuenlabrada and the Tenerife, Dani Aguilar (Fuenlabrada) managed to prevail in an exciting series that ended with a decisive goal from Zidane (4-3). Regarding the duel between Real Betis, represented by Xexuatm96, and the Albacete (Cota), the Verdiblancos beat the Manchegos by the minimum 1-2. In the second meeting, both pros signed the tables.

After all the mass of encounters, Ranerista they had to be seen against Zidane10 (Elche). Finally, the player born in Las Palmas won by a global of 3-1, leaving Ranerista on the tightrope. In the duel between Neat and Andyelmessy, the player of DOGE and from Real Valladolid He had no mercy and ended up winning by an 8-1 aggregate. About JRA (RC Celta), that of Madrid managed to beat in the global Zidane10 (Elche) for a tight 3-2 in the global.

Moment of the meeting between Zidane10 and Ranerista / Source: eLaLiga (You Tube).

Group B: Aangelitto_98 presents candidacy

At the beginning of B Group, Little angel (Deportivo Alavés) was the most positive note at the beginning of it. The representative of Deportivo Alavés he had no mercy before Vivi (Valencia CF), to which he endorsed a severe 7-2. As for the one count one between Real society (Yeray) and Girona FC (ByDani), the double confrontation resulted in a 3-3. By last, RCD Espanyol (Oskys) and Pomegranate (Joseballon) signed tables with a 2-2 and a distribution of points.

Moment of the meeting between Aangelitto_98 and Vivi / Source: eLaLiga (You Tube).

After the second round, the most bulky duel was the one that matched the CD Leganes (Pablo Ambrosio) and to Malaga CF (Brutaker). The representative of the cucumber team was much superior and managed to prevail by a forceful 6-3.

Gravesen: The Master’s Staging

Jaime Alvarez, better known as Gravesen, gave no option to Lewiskiller (Mirandés) and brilliantly ripped off his eLaLiga Santader (4-2 in the global). Regarding the pairing between CD Castellon and Girona, so much ByDany as Zumaquero they left the swords in all the high (4-4). By last, Ralfitita (UD Almeria) ended up getting a very tight victory (1-0 in the global) before Osky (RCD Espanyol).

The classification of B Group left the UD Almeria as leader with six points, while the Fuenlabrada establishes himself as leader of the group A (also with six points).

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