eChampionsLeague: Neat qualifies for the finals

By Ucatchers

Europe, that great field full of the best players in the universe FIFA. An immense space that has not seen a Spanish player rise to the top with a great international title for a long time. Specifically, from the time of the two-time championship of Alfonso Ramos at the beginning of the last decade.

In this eChampionsLeague that has been disputed the weekend of 1 Y two from May, several Spanish representatives dreamed of reaching the complicated pass to the top eight of the final phase of Istanbul, which will be played next May 28. Little by little, the Spanish army was falling through the loser bracket. When everything indicated that Spain he was going to be left without a representative, the unexpected happened.

Neat, the young pearl from Malaga who will fight for glory

Upon removal of Pepeelbotellu in the last round of the loser bracket, Neat he was the only Spanish player alive on the European board. The malagueño was measured at BeneCR7x, Teutonic player of the Wolfsburg, in a tie to life or death that was going to hold the destiny of both.

With the blue and white jacket as a flag, Neat He played a correct first leg match, in which he did not materialize his chances and that he escaped with a target of the Pele rival in the minute 84. The player from DUX Gaming, who was back in the blink of an eye in the first 20 minutes of the second meeting.

In fact, the target of Neymar in the minute 54 The second half left the Malaga player with a foot and a half in the final phase. As if it were a movie script, BeneCR7x managed to equalize the match in the minute 81 and sent the tie to extra time.

The target of the Pele rival in the minute 100 left the Spanish on the ropes, but a saving goal in the final moments sent the luck of both to the fateful penalty shootout. In a symmetrical batch, Neat danced best on the edge of the abyss and his Gullit finished the task to leave the player of DUX Gaming qualified for the final phase of the eChampionsLeague from Istanbul.

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