Dublin rejects plan for future casino

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The plan to open a future casino in Dublin hit a snag when Hammerson, a UK real estate group and an Irish life insurance group were denied permission to open a 24-hour facility at the Ilac Shopping Center. .

The Mall is owned by the two parties, who petitioned the City Council last summer in their attempt to find a way to use the vacant retail unit, which was previously a home for the Jack & Jones clothing brand.

The idea was to turn the place into a two-story casino with complementary “family entertainment”. Expo was the organization selected to operate the future venue.

In September, Dublin City Council denied a permit explaining that the casino simply did not fit into the development plan.

In an official statement, the Council said: “There is great concern that allowing a casino at this location would set a precedent for non-retail use within designated Category 1 streets, the main shopping streets in the city center. “

Council decision appealed

Hammerson and Irish Life they appealed the Council’s decision before An Bord Pleanála, Ireland’s planning appeals board.

The two plaintiffs claimed that the commercial space did not generate a fair income. Since the pandemic began, this has been happening in many retail market facilities. Meanwhile, a future casino might have helped boost revenue from the shopping center.

Although the arguments seem fair, An Bord Pleanála rejected the appeal. According to the directive, the justification of the use of the place was a difficult task.

The planning inspector noted: “In my opinion, it is as likely to be problematic for Coles Lane as it is a benefit, whether it’s day or night. I do not consider that a case has been made to change the use of retail or restaurant use as previously allowed. “

Dublin currently has a thriving casino industry, but it ran into a major hurdle last year when gambling giant The Stars Group announced job cuts ahead of its merger with Flutter Entertainment.

By the end of 2020, many employees they lost their jobs and others were informed that they would soon lose their jobs.

The Canada-based online gambling company stated that the job reduction process was important for The Stars to continue operating in one of its centers most important in Ireland.

The gaming giant posted significant losses in 2019 and the cuts were supposed to make up for that and generate more revenue for the purposes of the mega-merge with Flutter Entertainment.

Source: “Hammerson and Irish Life Denied Permission to Open a Casino in Dublin”, Gambling Insider, February 5, 2021

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