Doyle Brunson on how dangerous Jennifer Harman’s tilts are

By Ucatchers

Bad streaks and bad beats bring out the worst in poker players, but in Jen Harman’s case, few are as dangerous as a tilt.

Psycho look yes he has.  WSOP

He does have a psychopathic look. WSOP

People who share a life, office or study group with other poker players know that, from time to time, setbacks of chance can test anyone’s patience.

The tilt controlWhen the cards are badly dealt, it is one of the most valuable, and at the same time, undervalued skills that a poker player can have.

The memory Nor is it usually one of the capabilities best valued by players, and it is invaluable. It allows you to remember situations, players, hands and guidelines that if they ever arise again you will know how to solve with more success. And if not, at least it will make you a great source of anecdotes during the downtimes of a festival.

What Doyle brunson, who from time to time rummages in the loft of memories and gives us an anecdote about the most legendary players and high stakes games in Las Vegas. A few hours ago he offered us a parable about tilt control, or rather about the dangers of not exercising it, and that starred Jennifer Harman.

and as everybody knows is a terror. Jennifer lost a big pot, screamed for the floor man and demanded he leave. I said “do you know who that is”? She yelled I don’t care if he is Al Capone. I want that xxx out of here. As he left he said I tip more than u have in front of you.

– Doyle Brunson (@TexDolly) May 3, 2021

“Jimmy Chagra was the largest drug dealer in the world. He went to jail for ordering the death of a federal judge. He waited 20 years and snuck out his contacts to get out of jail.

He entered Bobby’s Room at the worst time. Our sweet little Jennfier Harman was losing, and as everyone knows, she is getting terrifying.

Jennifer lost a large pot, and she yelled for the room staff to come and demand (Chagra) be fired. I tried to warn her “Do you know who this guy is?”, And she yelled at me I don’t care if it’s Al Capone, I want this ##### out of here.

When he was leaving, chagra told him, my tips are bigger than all those chips that you have in front of you “.

The fact is that Doyle tells us this and, in addition to writing the umpteenth mental note about controlling emotions when things go wrong, what comes to mind is a question.

What does Doyle want to tell us? Harman was scarier than a mobster of tome and loin?

Responsible Gaming: The inability to control emotions is a symptom of improper use of the game.

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