Downhill and without brakes, Pablo Navarro and Juan Pardo puncture more than $ 100k at the GG Spring Festival

By Ucatchers

The abundance of High Rollers at the spring festival is a blessing for our dynamic duo. Malaka took $ 300k out of a SHR and Pablo hit the HU of a massive $ 2k.

GGPoker Spring Festival

GGPoker Spring Festival

Recital of the Navy at the GGPoker Spring Festival with two clear highlights, the infallible Juan Pardo and Pablo Navarror, that they are delighting us with a festival to remember.

Malaka has been challenging us to renew our pool of qualifiers for a while now. We are running out of praise for the man from Malaga, who in a single day has been present at two millionaire final tables, the Super Million $ 10,300 and the GGSF H-16 Super High Roller $ 25,500.

We have already covered the first in detail in a separate news item, so we will now focus on the SHR.

Registration closed at 85 innings with a final rush in the last leg of late registration. The masters of the buybacks were Michael Addamo and Arthur Martirosian, who paid five tickets per head, without being used to enter prizes. What’s more, among the 11 players in ITM, the only one who paid extra lives was Daniel Dvoress, who couldn’t cover the investment with ninth place ($ 67,829).

The first eliminated after the bubble was Adrian Mateos, that near the bubble hovered the head of the tournament with Juan. He was able to witness first-person the elimination of Laurynas Levynskas that put him in prizes, and immediately tried to put his shortstack to work with the worst result, a completely dominated all-in.

Malaka, while doing his thing. Chipleader of the tournament at the start of the final table, was quickly overtaken by Seth Davies, who bought the few remaining pipes for Dvoress and David Yan. Another who joined the repeated attempts to dethrone Juan was Marius Gierse. The small boats caused slight changes to the head, but Malaka always found a way to regain first place.

Juan finally managed to open a gap at the head, and forced Gierse and Estonian Ottomar Ladva to settle for accepting the possible flips that were emerging. The Central Europeans managed to catch Juan at the expense of Seth Davies and “judd trump”, both eliminated by TT.

The fewer players that remained, the more violent the swings were at the heights. Ranges widened, and with three players at the table, Juan lost his last all-in with ACs2 against givess9 preflop.

As soon as they got rid of the Spanish, Ladva and Gierse signed a non-aggression pact and they flipped through the fringes.

Pablo navarro He does not play these buy-ins and cannot fully replicate his mentor at this festival, but in his own way he is putting on a performance just as outstanding as Malaka’s.

One step down, in the same event but at the middle level, Pablo even improved the position obtained by Juan and finished second out of 316 players in the GGSF 16-M $ 2,625 High Roller.

Here there was no truce until the last hand. With Darren Elias dancing to the table of three, a deal was highly unlikely, but this also did not come in heads-up against Emirati player “DaiMing141319”.

The second final place was listed at $ 119,180.

Pablo was also fourth at the High Rollers Marathon $ 840 ($ 6,405).

David Comerón “MyLastHand!” it also deserves mention, for a fourth place in one of the Festival’s Side Events.

Won $ 18,189, after fighting against 761 players in it $ 525 Bounty Hunters HR GGSF Edition. There he had the pleasure of sharing FT with Daniel Dvoress, Elky, Kristen Bicknell or Jans Arends, and surpassing them all.

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