Doug Polk restores universal order with a perfect session against Negreanu

By Ucatchers

The Grudge Match is very on the side of the online grinder, which has four consecutive sessions in green. The last, of $ 332,178, which raises its advantage over half a million.

Polk starts to walk away from DNegs

Polk starts to walk away from DNegs

At this precise moment, It has cost Daniel Negreanu more than $ 100 to play each of the 5,751 hands that are contested in his challenge against Doug Polk.

This is the scenario that most of the people interested in the game predicted from the beginning. The bets were against the Canadian, and not by little. The ultimate showdown between the champion of live poker, intuition and tells, and the avatar of bits, the GTO and the solvers, could only have one outcome. Darwin had the key since the 19th century.

But hey, you already know that things have not been like that in the first eight sessions, not even close. This is poker, and the road is never straight and paved. The waters have returned to their course thanks to a concatenation of four consecutive sessions with Polk on the most favored side of the variance. The last, the most notorious in numbers of the 12 that we have lived in this fiefdom, glorious for Polk.

Session 12: + $ 332,178.14 over 684 hands

Total: + $ 596,197.89 over 5,751 hands

Monster session today. Hit everything. Every hero call went right. Every big bluff got through. Every runout gave me the nuts. Every all in went my way. This was the kind of session you dream about.

– Doug “Truck Driver” Polk (@DougPolkVids) November 29, 2020

Monster session today. I tied everything up. Every risky call was correct. All the important lanterns sneaked in. Every turn and river that were seen gave me the nuts. The kind of session we all dream of.

With a single greatsword, Polk has shed more than half the blood his defenders expected to see on the arena at this point in the fight.

Doug has been frisky on Twitter, as always he has been doing this well. Disdainful in part, –requests 25,000 retweets to broadcast a session with seen letters, and encourages Negreanu fans to follow the joke to help their favorite player – and condescending for another, acknowledging Daniel that his game has been improving and warning that the partial result is very bloated compared to EV. “Don’t give up on him because he had a bad streak. And just like that, when I lose $ 250K again in one session, you can save yourself an overreaction.”

Whatever Polk says, the emotions it will provoke the challenge graph after the last session they will be profound, on both sides.

Both players highlighted how badly luck was distributed in this session in the interviews that closed the parallel broadcasts that are being carried out from each side.

You can relive the entire session from the channel from Youtube from Doug Polk ….

… or choose the setup of the room that Negreanu represents, GGPoker.

If you prefer something more crazy, Joey ingram It has also been aimed at generating content by commenting on the games.

The 12th session will take place today, Monday, at 2.30 p.m. PT (23.30 Spanish peninsular time). VGL!

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