Dota2 Esport


Greetings to all our readers and welcome to our review on esports, an amazing attraction that you can enjoy in any of its genres. This time, we are going to refer to Dota2 Esport, one of the most competitive battle arena of the market with millions of players playing it all around the world. Let’s make you know about this game and your chances of betting on it to help you to enjoy your experience even more.

Dota2 Esport Overview

Released in 2013 and due to the Valve Corporation online battle arena as an essential part of the game, Dota2 is known to be one of the most popular competitive esports. But what is Dota2 esport and why has become so popular in almost the whole planet?

Dota2 is a MOBA, that is to say, a multiplayer online battle arena game that was released in 2013 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Since then, it has been raising in popularity, with numerous fans from different countries of the world. The main reason for this popularity relays on the high and active competitive scene and also on its incredibly addictive gameplay. Two of the most important titles

With no doubt, this title is strongly tied with its main competitor, League of Legends, (and also with Halo) as they are both considered to be amongst the most important esports nowadays. In order to give you information to support that, let’s make you know that in 2017, Dota2 generated the astonishing sum of around US$40 million in prize pool money!!!, with almost 13 million monthly active users.

Dota2 Gameplay

In this game the most important aspect to take into account is teamwork. In fact, this real-time strategy game based the objectives putting emphasis on it. Dota2, Defense of the Ancients, is presented as a MOBA in which you control a single hero with unique abilities, role and play style who takes part of a team of five players.

There are 115 playable heroes that play one of the two possible different roles: carry or support. In addition to this, every character presents attributes in three major aspects to give form of the potential abilities of them. Those attributes are agility (speed), intelligence (magic points) and strength (health points).

Last but not least, in the game you will find more than 100 different items that heroes can carry in their inventory in order to enhance their particular abilities. As you see, with all those variations, it’s possible to create tons of different potential team strategies and compositions.

At the beginning of the game, the Dires and the Radiants, the two rival teams in the game, start at the opposite end of the map. Each team has a base, with houses and a large structure called Ancient. In the middle of the map stands a river that can only be crossed by using one of the three lanes or paths. You will also find creeps, neutral enemies with artificial intelligence controlled by the computer.

How to win in Dota2 esport game

The main objective of the game is to destroy the other’s team Ancient to be the winner. However, there exist numerous factors that can determine the winning team, so you must be aware of it.


Here, we share with you a list including the most salient factors to consider:

  • Characters growing
  • Experience points
  • Individual skills

As it always happens in those games, the more experience points you earn, the more the abilities of your character develop. As a general matter, you need to find a correct balance between farming (getting experience points and gold by killing creeps and destroying towers) and defending your own team’s base to increase your chances of winning.

How to Bet on Dota2

As Dota2 is one of the most popular esport games, you can find many gambling platforms to place your bets on it easily. In order to do that, since 2011 markets have opened up the gates to Dota2 tournaments, so there are many events you can watch and bet on: Dream League, Dota H Cup, Dota Summit, ProDota Cup, among others.

In conclusion, Dota2 is a really addictive game to enjoy and you should try it. Bear in mind that due to the multiple possibilities in matters of rules, tactics and strategies, you should consider all of those aspects before making your bets. It’s an essential part of betting: studying before risking your money.

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