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By Ucatchers

In addition to the typical services of the platforms where sports betting fans seek their information, Betsfy It has some features that are absolutely specific to the world of sports betting.

  • Forecast publication
    All users of Betsfy They can publish their predictions for single and combined bets, of all the markets available in the bookmakers that are legally licensed to operate in Spain.
  • Forecast correction
    Users can manually correct the result of their forecasts.
  • Correction validation
    Betsfy You can review user corrections to validate (if correct) or revise (if wrong).
  • Statistics
    This platform offers you the possibility of creating personalized statistics pages, which show the results by sport. In them, you can place data such as the number of tips, the percentage of success, the yeld or the streak of results. Statistics are essential to achieve credibility and gain confidence in your forecasts.
  • Creation of paid products
    Verified network users can create their own products and put them up for sale on Betsfy.
  • Notifications
    Betsfy It has a free service that generates notifications when a certain tipster publishes a post. It is a completely configurable option, which will allow you to receive the notifications you want.
  • Messenger service
    Betsfy allows you to send direct messages between users of the platform, thus promoting communication and interaction between sports betting fans.
  • Rankings
    Betsfy presents various competitions with attractive prizes. Likewise, it develops rankings and classifications that reveal the best.
  • Betsfy Advanced
    It is a paid service (€ 4.99 per month) that allows you to contract the validation of corrections, the enablement of the customizable statistics system, access to the best competitions and their rankings, and the improvement of the positioning in the search engine of Betsfy.

Betsfy is free

If you are interested in entering Betsfy, you have it very easy. Locate its free app from your smartphone or your iPhone and install it. Create an account and immerse yourself in the exciting world of sports betting.

Don’t wait any longer and start enjoying your passion for sport to the fullest and share it with everyone, thanks to Betsfy.

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