Diplomatic_boy raises doubts about a possible fifth Spanish win in the SCOOP of Pokerstars.com

By Ucatchers

Juan Pardo, Vicent Boscá and Juanki Vecino have well covered the quota of Spanish hits in case the anonymous turns out to be a foreigner.

Four, five ... whoever they are, they're fine

Four, five … whoever they are, they’re fine

The Spring Championship of Online Poker Pokerstars.com continues to flow a trail of emotions and great moments for Spanish poker.

Yesterday, one more may have begun to take shape, in the SCOOP 77-H High Roller $ 5,200. that has yet to distribute the guaranteed million dollars among the finalists.

This tournament could well have finished in the headline, if day one had lasted one level less. With 14 of the 126 players in the running, La Roja had three clear candidates for victory, “MonkeyBausss”, “gordon0410” and “SinKarma”.

But the rules of the tournament forced to leave the final table set, and the last bars of the day were merciless with our representatives. Elías Gutiérrez ended up occupying the 14th position ($ 18,436), Vicent Boscá the 11th ($ 21,423), and David Laka barely slipped among the nine guests on day 2, with an almost indefensible stack of 4.5bb and $ 24,894 guaranteed.

In spite of everything, the good times they gave us during the live broadcast of Pokerstars in Spanish and the prizes obtained and for obtaining make them open the chronicle with all their deservedness.

To get rid of the bad taste in our mouths at the end, the ideal would be to be able to talk about an already crystallized success, and if it is a title, even better. We can try.

The trick of “Diplomatic_Boy“We already played it once to improve the numbers of Spanish players in a WCOOP. We pulled on it to keep alive a streak of Hispanic FTs at the Pokerstars festival, because his profile suited our needs like a glove.

Choosing first the UK flag and then the Andorran flag, especially at that time when all of our exiles played with that banner at GGPoker, made him an ideal candidate to be assigned Spanish nationality.

In the six months that have elapsed since then we have already verified that some French, or even German, players have imitated those who are probably some of their idols, such as “Malaka $ tyle”. For this reason, in the absence of further confirmation, we will continue to count the Spanish triumphs at the festival as four. But, just in case, you should know that “Diplomatic_boy” has been imposed in the SCOOP-72-L Mini Super Tuesday 109 $ on an impressive field of 6,435 players, to achieve an income of $ 91,444 at your ATM.

Outside of SCOOP, the victory of the rojigualda is more than confirmed, with one of our most representative players at the international tables.

Juan Pardo got rid of one of the many Brazilian nicks that now roam the tournaments to certify the High Roller Club win $ 530 Bounty Builder.

Malaka shared a prize of $ 16,444 but his bounty and that of all his victims, which were valued at $ 22,046, remained intact. It depends on Laka whether or not Juan’s is the best result of the day for Spanish players.

Finished (> 300k $. Top 50):

  • SCOOP # 72-M 8-Max Super Tuesday $ 1,050: Alexios Zervos “J0hnny_Dr @ m @” (Greece, $ 196,627). Field: 1,258 records: Best Spanish: “old juan5“(15th. $ 9,961).
  • SCOOP # 72-H 8-Max $ 10,300: Damian Salas “pampa27” (Argentina, $ 263,022). Field: 120 records: Best Spanish: “gordon0410“(15th, $ 21,931).
  • SCOOP # 74-M $ 215 “Konsti1710” (Austria, $ 263,022). Field: 1,599 records. Better Spanish:: “Dove“(16th, $ 1,646).
  • SCOOP # 74-H $ 2,100 “FouenculePL” (Poland, $ 64,649). Field: 154 records.

Spaniards on Day 2:

  • SCOOP # 79-M PKO $ 109 (211 players out of 3,950): “roikeloo“(65º),”B4NKR0LL3R ““(137º).
  • SCOOP # 79-H PKO $ 1,050 (54 players out of 431): “But I am“(15th),”Malaka$ tyle“(16th).

On GGPoker victories also fell, one of them very special.

Vicent Boscá He established himself as one of our best online players in the GGPoker High rollers. In November of last year, Vicent stopped playing in the Asian room.

February’s High Millions Week brought him out of his slumber, briefly, but it was SCOOP and the Spring Festival that have brought us back to the dominating Vicent we all knew.

The Valencian has yet to open his 100th tournament on GGPoker since last November. It has been in the 98th in which it has arrived the first victory since his return, although it has already obtained better prizes.

He has obtained it in the High Rollers Deepstack $ 1,500, a tournament of 50 records and $ 75,000 guaranteed. He knocked down Artur Martirosian heads-up, with $ 20,999 in Game.

The rest of the results, with a victory for Juanki Vecino included, were the following:

  • MyLastHand! “, 6th in the GGSF-H-86: $ 525 Forty Stack (623 players, $ 14,158).
  • Adria calonge, 2nd in the High Rollers Supersonic Bounty $ 525 (30 players, $ 3,000).
  • Lorraine800“, 3rd in the Daily Heater $ 210 [Bounty Turbo] (229 players, $ 3,413).
  • Little pepe“, 4th in the High Rollers Second Chance $ 525 (88 players, $ 4,682).
  • Little pepe“, 1st in the Fifty Stack $ 250 (280 players, $ 12,485)

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