Different markets: StreamBets – Full Esports StreamBets analysis

By Ucatchers

Rivalry Streambets

In the world of betting, bookies have to reinvent themselves and look for different markets. In trying to introduce new users, new methods are being sought and it seems they are beginning to emphasize this. The basis of the Streambets’ success is in mix the pure entertainment of a streamer with the betting markets.

Right now, Streambets are being tested at sportsbooks dedicated to esports. The biggest who has bet heavily on it is Rivalry. The Isle of Man bookie has dedicated an exclusive tab for this. This fact is quite curious and shows the strength it sees in the market, which is improving every day with more successful and well-known streamers.

»Streamer Betting» tab in Rivalry.

What is Streamer Betting?

In many streams, we can find bets with virtual currencies or the specific channel. StreamBets are really based on this concept but with a twist and using real money.

Normally, in streams with this possibility, certain situations are wagered through the Twitch chat that the content issuer marks. In the case raised by the bookies, it is a little different. Usually they will be quick questions on the screen in which we will have a few seconds or specific minutes to answer. At this time, it is based on a simple market of odds 1-2, in which we will always have a 50% chance of hitting that market.

Dota 2 betting market example, Rivalry.

The bookies are focusing on a few specific games. The most used in the case of Rivalry is Dota 2, which is heavily emphasized by a series of Russian streamers. We can also find streams of other games such as League Of Legends, Valorant, CSGO or Call Of Duty among others that are tested daily.

In addition, the quality of the streamers has been exceeding and we can find players from esports formations with international renown such as NRG. In this case, the shooter Aceu, who is currently focused on Valorant. Below, we can see a screenshot of one of their games, in which we find a bet to win the map when it is in the queue.

NRG (Aceu) player queued for a Valorant match.Aceu, shooters player belonging to NRG.

Future and conclusions

Really predicting the future of Streambets is very complicated. We believe that the level of quality of streamers that they can obtain and with that, reach a much more public will mark a lot. Probably here the line is marked by the bookies and the money they are willing to invest in this project.

The market really has a lot of potential and it is a mix of two very interesting concepts. It will also be important to see how many bookies are added to the idea and what limits can be reached to take a leap to another level.

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