Deft and Chovy join ambitious Hanwha Life Esports

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Deft and Chovy land at Hanwha Life Esports

What seemed like just a rumor, has been made official a few hours ago: Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon will change shirts for play with Hanwha Life Esports ahead of the next LCK season.

Both players were key pieces in DragonX During last season and this year’s World Cups, they will join a project with a lot of potential from which only good things can come.

A DRX that runs out of equipment after the departure of Deft and Chovy

After the end of the season, Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon has been the only player who has survived to the dragons team this year. After a World Cup of which more was expected by the Korean club, four of the five players parted ways with DragonX. In addition to Deft and Chovy, Ryu support “Keria” Min-seok chose T1 as a new home a few days ago.

안녕하세요 DRX 입니다. 금일 오전 Doran, Chovy, Deft, Keria 선수 와 상호 합의 하에 계약 이 종료 되었습니다. 그동안 함께 해준 선수 들 에게 진심 으로 감사 합니다.
The contract with Doran, Chovy, Deft and Keria ended today through mutual agreement. We sincerely send our gratitude to players.

– DRX (@DRXGlobal) November 17, 2020

Meanwhile, the toplaner Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon is currently without equipment to play next season. However, it is likely that in a few days he will join the ranks of some decent Asian team project. Although there is also the option to come home for christmas with a gift in the form of renewal.

The great project that Hanwha Life Esports is preparing

Speaking of Deft and Chovy’s new team, he automatically turns into a rival to beat for the next LCK season in 2021. The cchange from systems to franchises It seems that it has greatly favored a club like Hamwha Life Esports, which since it appeared in Korea had never reached the Playoffs and even it almost falls in spring when it is ninth.

With the team fully formed, they are expected to at least fight for a playoff spot. But if the level of the midlaner and the shooter are equal to or better than last season, they can even opt for a place in the 2021 world championships that will be held again in Shanghai.

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