Davidi Kitai at the 2016 WSOP $ 10K 6-Max (4)

By Ucatchers

We’re taking off our live poker jumpsuit with the adaptation of old chapters of ELMDUP, originally aimed at French audiences.

Jonyctt and Kitai

Jonyctt and Kitai

In the Mind of a Pro ” it’s back!

Unfortunately, this does not mean that the production teams of Winamax They are already traveling the world behind Team Pro. Live poker has not yet returned to full capacity, and also a quasi-documentary series like this requires quite respectable editing and post-production time.

In addition, due to the new regulation of advertising, Winamax restricts the viewing of its videos to the YouTube page, so to access the content of the series you must follow the link that we embed on a regular basis.

The solution that the Hispanic division of the room has found to treat our withdrawal syndrome from this magnificent series about live poker has been to relocate old episodes of the program for the Spanish-speaking public. “En La Mente de un Pro” was born well in advance on international tables, and the first editions were aimed exclusively at the French public.

This first adaptation of the old series of “In the Mind of a Pro“has as main protagonist Davidi kitai in the WSOP 2016. The tournament that the Winamax cameras follow in this case is the 10,000 $ 6-Max, an event that has earned a great reputation in recent years.

The end of day 1 is approaching, and a dangerous dynamic has been created at the table involving three aspiring captain, Vanessa selbst, the Spanish Jonathan Concepción “jonyctt” and Kitai himself, who took advantage of the quiet moments before being filled with the unscrupulous poker table to double his starting stack of 50,000 points.

What will weigh more in Davidi’s balance, defend the gains obtained and ensure access to the seat draw of day 2 with an above-average stack or impose his will against the rest of the candidates in command of the operations of what remains at daytime?

In the mind of a pro: Davidi Kitai at the 2016 WSOP $ 10K 6-Max (1)

In the mind of a pro: Davidi Kitai at the 2016 WSOP $ 10K 6-Max (2)

In the mind of a pro: Davidi Kitai at the 2016 WSOP $ 10K 6-Max (3)

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