David Beckham lands in FIFA 21 as an icon

By Ucatchers

David Beckham lands in FIFA 21 as an iconDavid Beckham, in a match with PSG / Source: Tom’s Wallpapers.

EA Sports He has done it again. If it was already difficult to innovate in the icons section, the community of FIFA 21 will have in Ultimate team a new kind of “icons.” In this case, the chosen one has been David Beckham, who will be introduced into the game and that we can get his card if we play between the December 15 and January 15.

An iconic card… With a selected club: Real Madrid

The particularity of the letter David beckham, letter that by the way returns to FIFA after many years, it is that it will have an associated club. In this case, it refers to your stage in the Real Madrid. Specifically, the day he made his debut in the season 2003-2004.

The particularity of the letter, as we have said, is that it is associated with Real Madrid. That is, it will have the LaLiga Santander associated and may be linked with other cards of the same, but not with other players from other leagues, unless they have English nationality. As for the letter, due to its numbers it is a useful letter for the indoor position, with better offensive stats what defensive.

This innovation is partly reminiscent of the format used by another famous sports video game, such as the famous 2K. The basketball video game has in its game retired players with cards from the teams they went through. We can find for example a letter from Shaquille O’Neal in its beginnings in the Orlando Magic, one of his best moments in Lakers and one of its decline in the Miami Heat.

That is why this letter from David beckham can open the ban on other player cards icons with clubs in which they stood out at the time (a card of Henry at Arsenal, another of Gerrard at Liverpool, etc…). Without a doubt, it is a very interesting idea that we will see how it develops as the game progresses.

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