Dash Cryptocurrency

By Ucatchers

Hello, fellow readers of our website and welcome to our new article of cryptocurrency, a very interesting topic that is always useful for you and your adventure in the world of the virtual currency. Today, we are going to refer to one beautiful expression of virtual money: dash cryptocurrency.

Created in 2014, it seems to be a really good alternative to other competitors, such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others. The reason for this is its open source software that works with a peer-to-peer electronic cash method, that offers user-friendly payment as well as safe transactions.

History of Dash Cryptocurrency

The name of this virtual coin, Dash, stands for “digital cash” and was created under the idea of being used anywhere as digital cash. However, this was not the original game of it. In the beginning, it was also calle Xcoin and also Darkcoin, until the creators finally decided, after a big problem with the code,  that Dash had much more potential in matters of marketing.

Since that moment, Dash was raising in popularity and services and more and more users adopted this option instead of its competitors. In fact, according to the information share by Wikipedia, in 2018, Dash’s market capitalization was around 4.3 billion, a really amazing number.

What is more, it was included in the list of the 12 top cryptocurrencies that year. Besides, according to the popular German magazine Der Spiegel, it was the most popular virtual coin in Venezuela, taking intio consideration big competitors as Bitcoin, for example.

Dash versus Bitcoin

In reference to technical matters, Dash is a product aimed to become a medium for everyday transactions. For this reason, it uses a different algorythm from Bitcoin, the X11, to combine safety and privacy without sacrifying speed of use.

Another difference with the most popular cryptocurrency relies on the efficiency regarding mining. The need for validation is a must in terms of safety, but the process performed by Dash due to the use of a better technology is better at avoinding time-consuming and also prevents clogging.

Finally, as a consequence of the reduction of the number of nodes required to appprove a transaction, Dash’s system solves scalability problems for transactions, something very useful in the virtual currency world.

How to use of Dash on Online Casinos

The good news here is that payment and withdrawal by using Dash on online casinos is fairly easy and to do that you only need to follow a simple process on your gambling platform. Let’s see what to do to use Dash on online casinos.

Get a Dash Wallet

This is an essential step to make, as in any other crytocurrency, You need to create a virtual wallet to deposit and to withdraw your Dash.

Make a Deposit

On the platform, look for the Cryptocurrency option ad pick Dash as your deposit method. Select the amount you want to deposit. Add any promo codes you wish to use.

QR Code Scan

You will be given a QR code before making your deposit. You need to scan it in order to add funds to your account.

Start Playing

Once you have completed all the previous steps, you can start betting and playing with real money, even in the form of virtual cryptocurrency.


Dash coin is set to be a popular cryptocurrency choice when you need to take care of your online financial needs. As you can see, one of the strongest points of Dash is that players enjoy anonymity of transactions while playing on online casinos.

Regarding the online gambling industry, this virtual coin is already gaining the trust of gamers and as it continues to be added to casino sites as a payment method, it should raise even more. The only thing you need to do is looking for the right online casino that accepts Dash to make use of it.

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