Daniel Dvoress wins WSOP Millionaire Maker

By Ucatchers

Spaniards Ignacio Morón and Héctor Caldero have made final tables at World Series of Poker events this weekend.

Daniel Dvoress [Foto: PokerNews]

Daniel Dvoress [Foto: PokerNews]

Daniel Dvoress Saturday was proclaimed the winner of the Event # 48: $ 1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER, $ 5M Gtd, $ 1M to 1st. The Canadian pro won an award of $ 1,489,289, after defeating the HU Brazilian Caio de Almeida, who also earned a seven-figure pay: $ 1,072,428.

The tournament had a field from 6,299 participants and a prize pool from $ 8,976,075. 1,041 players played on Day 2 and 764 entered prizes. The second day ended with 9 live players, the components of the final table. Daniel Dvoress started the final Day 3 as chip leader, with a stack of about 31bb. 5 of the 9 participants had stacks of less than 10bb, so the eliminations were not long in coming. Aneris Adomkevicius (9th) and Tomasz Cybulski (8th) fell in the first level of play. After the restart, what was perhaps the most difficult rival for Dvoress, the Swiss pro, left the tournament Ronny kaiser (7th). Later, Dvoress removed the Brazilian from the tournament Neville Endo Costa (6th) and got twice as many chips as the second. Everything was on the right track for Canadian High Roller. But Daniel lost 4 all-ins in a row and his lead was gone. In any case, it was all a mirage, as Dvoress went through the roof again after removing the Argentine from the tournament Alejandro Caridad (5th), winning a coin flip with 88 vs QJo. Dvoress took a run and immediately eliminated his compatriot Michael Nugent (4th). And thrown for the bracelet, he eliminated the Russian Anatoly Filatov (3rd), arriving at HU with a stack of 269m vs 45m from his rival, the Brazilian Caio de Almeida. The one against one lasted only 2 hands. In the first one, Dvoress won the pot with a re-raise on the flop. And in the second, Almeida shoved his 25m points with K8s and Dvoress called him with KQo. The Brazilian’s hand did not improve and he was eliminated in 2nd place. And so, Daniel Dvoress got the victory and his first bracelet of the World Series of Poker.

These are the awards who took the components of the final table official:

  1. Daniel Dvoress (Canada): $ 1,489,289.
  2. Caio “Ez4ENCE” from Almeida (Brazil): $ 1,072,428.
  3. Anatoly “Mr_Deer” Filatov (Russia): $ 772,251.
  4. Michael “MrFabulous” Nugent (Canada): $ 556,095.
  5. Alejandro “pepealas” Caridad (Argentina): $ 400,412.
  6. Neville “NevSlater” Endo Costa (Brazil): $ 288,356.
  7. Ronny Kaiser (Switzerland): $ 207,644.
  8. Tomasz “SushiJanushi” Cybulski (Poland): $ 149,523.
  9. Aneris “TaiwanNumba1” Adomkevicius (Lithuania): $ 107,671.

On the other hand, we also know the name of the winner of the Event # 53: $ 800 Double Stack Pot Limit Omaha: Frank Crivello “Sbma2016”. The American won an award of $ 94,253, its first bracelet WSOP gold and a WSOP Europe package, after defeating the HU Brit Craig Timmis ($ 77,883). The tournament had a field of 831 players and a prize pool of $ 631,450, which was distributed among the 116 first classified.

These are the prizes of the 9 components of the final table:

  1. Frank “Sbma2016” Crivello (USA): $ 94,253.
  2. Craig Timmis (UK): $ 77,883.
  3. Julijan “Grgur” Rados (Croatia): $ 57,088.
  4. Yonathan “ninoboys80” Journo (Albania): $ 41,485.
  5. Tszfai “WinEasy” Tong (Hong Kong): $ 30,672.
  6. Jin “SharkLeeeee” Li (Hong Kong): $ 22,483.
  7. Markus “Phil Kessel” Cara (Canada): $ 16,480.
  8. Ajay “Ross_Geller” Chabra (Canada): $ 12,080.
  9. Pulkit “PgTilt” Goyal (India): $ 8,854.

The Spanish Ramon Miquel Muñoz was 41st ($ 2,222).

Likewise, this morning the Event # 55: HK $ 8,000 NLHE Asia Championship, after about 13 hours of action. The gold bracelet has been for him Brazilian Luis Assunçao Garla ($ 461,709), after defeating the final one-on-one Greek Alexandros Theologis ($ 329,122). The tournament had a field of 3,247 entries and a prize pool of $ 3,208,036. 479 players managed to overcome the many opening flights of the tournament and yesterday they fought for glory. 404 entered “in the money”. The Spanish Ignacio Morón he made the final table but finished 9th with a $ 30,780 prize.

These are the remunerations achieved by the members of the final table:

  1. Luis “Xapilskinha” Assuncao Garla (Brazil): $ 461,709.
  2. Alexandros “THE Sheriff” Theologis (Grace): $ 329,122.
  3. Kunal “Alex_52” Bhatia (India): $ 234,610.
  4. Alan “TheCockroach” Schein (US): $ 167,237.
  5. Wenhao “pwhwin” Peng (China): $ 119,213.
  6. Divanshu “d0rk21” Khurana (India): $ 84,979.
  7. Eduards “IlIlIlIliIIl” Kudrjavcevs (Latvia): $ 60,576.
  8. Vladas “Vladiator13” Tamasauskas (Lithuania): $ 43,180.
  9. Ignacio “Curandero” Morón (Spain): $ 30,780.

Seth fischer has been proclaimed winner of the Event # 56: $ 1.5k GGMasters WSOP Edition [High Roller]. The American player has won a prize of $ 444,869, after defeating the HU Bulgarian Arsenii Karmatckii ($ 328,491). The tournament had a field of 2,153 players and a prize pool of $ 3,068,025.

These are the prizes awarded in the final table:

  1. Seth “AbeFroman” Fischer (US): $ 444,869.
  2. Arsenii “kastaban” Karmatckii (Russia): $ 328,491.
  3. Sebastien Grax (Frania): $ 236,188.
  4. Michael “MrFabulous” Nugent (Canada): $ 169,821.
  5. Evaldas “Man14c” Aniulis (Lithuania): $ 122,102.
  6. Dominykas “MickeyMouse” Mikolaitis (Lithuania): $ 87,793.
  7. Lukas “VapeNation” Parednis (Lithuania): $ 63,124.
  8. Clement “Sea View” Tripodi (France): $ 45,386.
  9. Yonatan “malakasos” Basin (Israel): $ 32,633.

Borja Domingo “michael79” has been the first spanish (19th, $ 12,120).

Anatoly suvarov has achieved victory in the Event # 57: $ 150 GGMasters, WSOP Edition [Freezeout], $ 1M Gtd. The Russian player has won a prize of $ 183,526, after defeating the Chilean in the HU David edelstein ($ 127,872). The tournament had a field of 9,835 participants and a prize pool of $ 1,357,230.

The Spanish Héctor Caldero has reached the final table and has concluded 5th ($ 30,140).

These have been the awards of the components of the FT:

  1. Anatoly “Pohitrusha” Suvarov (Russia): $ 183,526.
  2. David “Duvidl18” Edelstein (Chile): $ 127,872.
  3. Tom “Matrix1973” Hoseth (Norway): $ 89,098.
  4. Amine “Barbe-N0ire” Hamza (France): $ 62,081.
  5. Jean-Francois “Jhope514” Alexandre (Canada): $ 43,256.
  6. Hector “mendekua” Caldero (Spain): $ 30,140.
  7. Adam “4bbVirtuoso” Cader (Canada): $ 21,000.
  8. Andre “grohnaldo” Grohnert (Germany): $ 14,632.
  9. William “OveyGG” Overmire (Japan): $ 10,195.

Finally, in the Event # 54: $ 10k Heads Up NLHE Championship the qualifiers have been played until semifinals, who will face Michael Addamo and Michael Zhang, on one side of the painting, already David Peters and Alyssa MacDonald, for the other. Addamo and Peters seem, a priori, the favorites. However, to know the resolution of the tournament we will have to wait until the next Saturday. Aside from the bracelet, there is $ 360k on top.

Sergi reixach He was the best ranked Spaniard, 10th ($ 24,832), eliminated in the “round of 16” by David Peters.

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