DAMWON Gaming, the model that everyone should follow

By Ucatchers


On certain occasions, some clubs become role models. This may be due to their type of structure, their growth or their style when leading the staff. In all disciplines we find these examples that show us that things can be done badly, well and even bordering on excellence.

For some clubs, the results do not have to be immediate. Without going any further, Golden state warriors they won three titles in four years thanks to a memorable tenure. Its growth campaign started in 2009, with the arrival of a very young Stephen Curry to Oakland. Shortly after, based on different elections and transfers by young players, they set up a squad that allowed them win the ring in 2015. But it is not always necessary to resort to these tender boys, since they can be surrounded by a recognized superstar in that sport. In the season 2016/17, Kevin Durant He reached the Bay and, together with him, they won another two consecutive rings.

In League of Legends we see various types of procedures, some similar to the Warriors and others that have the portfolio as a primary resource. The spending example closest to us is G2 Esports. The European club decided to join Rasmus Winther «Caps» Y Mihael Mehle «Mikyx» to thus make the super team that would dominate the world. Another model is MAD Lions And how with four rookies and a center lane with a still palpable inexperience, they managed to reach a World Championship. Despite having lost the play-in, these five young players have given hope to a whole region. Lebron James at the time, you cannot be afraid of failure. Ultimately, it is the only way you are going to succeed.

DAMWON Gaming and its ideals

Definitely, the model that has marked this 2020 is that of DAMWON Gaming. Koreans have been patient. They have bet on minimal changes that have allowed them to win the competition in their region, as well as reach the finals of the World Championship 2020. Not only that, but they have only lost a map from the blue side from the Mid-Season Cup.

ShowMaker and Nuguri / Image via: LoLEsports

In 2017 they incorporated Cho Geon-hee «BeryL», Jang Ha-gwon “Nuguri” Y Heo His «ShowMaker» to their ranks. The Curry, Thompson and Green of the Korean League of Legends were already united. Year 2018 would be the time of the arrival of Kim Geon-bu «Canyon». In 2020, Jang Yong-jun “Ghost” would be the choice to finalize the template. Thus, as it happened in San Francisco, Durant and Iguodala arrived to put the finishing touch to a complete team.

These guys are overflowing with talent everywhere. But, like all champions, you always have to start at the bottom. He great exponent It is that Stephen Curry who had to begin his adventures with an empty team and a body that injured more than he played. Something like ShowMaker, which in its beginnings only Katarina played and his level left to be desired. But, based on training, mentality and goals, it has become the core of a project that aims to be a winner above all else.

Thus, Nuguri and ShowMaker, along with sporadic appearances by BeryL, they won the Challengers Korea 2018 and they qualified for the League of Legends Champions Korea in 2019. The first step had been completed, the Nuclear with two pieces on which to form the quintet was ready to raze. Now it was time for the then DAMWON coach, Kim Jeong-soo “Kim”. The Korean, seeing the potential of these players and what they could be in the future, wrote a small volume in which he taught his players to play and enjoy League of Legends, something similar to what Steve Kerr did with his Warriors.

Nuguri at the 2020 World Championship / Image via: LoLEsports

For the LCK Spring Season 2019, Canyon he was already one of the staff. Although that year they did not manage to win the competition, they did qualify for the 2019 Worlds, in which they fell against G2 Esports. 2020 was coming and, both Ghost how Zefa they were joining the ranks of the current Korean champion. Although they failed again in the spring, the machinery was almost ready. It only remained to give him that claw that is so necessary to get the trophy.

One step away from world domination

However, despite not having won any title in all this time, DAMWON Gaming stayed true to its ideals: make these young people grow and form a team around them. They did not want immediate glory, but to start a group that ended up being a family hungry to win. How he sang to us Zara Larsson at Euro 2016 in FranceThey are all together in this purpose, hear how their hearts ring in unison, they are stronger together and they will fight for it forever.

After suffering comes pleasure. Or what is the same, so many defeats, practices and patience end up paying off. In this 2020, they finally fulfilled one of their purposes. They won the summer LCK, where they only lost four maps in the regular season and none in the top five.

Nuguri with the LCK trophy / Image via: LoLEsports

Now, in the absence of the final, DAMWON Gaming has risen as one of the best teams of this 2020. So far, only six maps have been left by the way since spring. These guys are a faithful memory of the 2015 Golden State Warriors, who achieved the all-time NBA record with 73 wins and a staggering 9 losses.

To top it off, we can only hope that this DAMWON Gaming is not a Golden State Warriors 2.0. This is because the Bay team lost in the final 4-3 to LeBron James’ Cavaliers. Lifting the Summoner’s Cup of this 2020 World Championship would put the finishing touch to a season that both these players and the MOBA experts at Riot Games will mark on the international League of Legends calendar.

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