DAMWON Gaming seeks revenge on G2 Esports

By Ucatchers

The end of the 2020 World Championship, something that seemed hundreds of miles away, is just around the corner. Only remain three matches to be disputed, the two semifinals and the Grand finale. We already know the semifinal that will be held next Sunday and it is the one between Suning against TOP Esports. Two teams from the League of Legends Pro League that will fight to reach the final, get the title to stay in China for third year in a row and thus claim the title of strongest region in the world.

DAMWON Gaming leaves no room for doubt

On the other side of the picture we find a Korean team as is DAMWON Gaming. The champion of the League of Legends Champions Korea came to the Worlds as one of the clear candidates to win the championship. And so far it is not disappointing. After a practically perfect group stage, they have continued their winning streak and finished DRX with a resounding 3-0.

ShowMaker, midlaner of DAMWON Gaming. Image via: LoLEsports

From the beginning of the series, they did not give their rival a choice. Although at some point it seemed that DRX he might have some hope, his enemy arrived to strike the final blow. DAMWON Gaming played with them, like a pride of lions with their prey. As if that wasn’t enough, the guys from Lee Jae-min «Zefa» still in their thirteen of don’t lose from the blue side, something that has not occurred since the Mid Season Cup.

About this fact answered Zefa himself. The coach made it clear that he is aware that his link has not been destroyed since the aforementioned competition. The coach described that they can always determine the champion they want to prioritize on the first map and organize the team around it. For all this, what the Korean believes that the blue side provides a greater advantage and that one advantage he has is the great reserve of champions his players have.

The player still to wake up is Heo His «ShowMaker». The midlaner has changed his style of play since last year, establishing himself as one of the most important center lanes in the world. Last season, ShowMaker fell in the quarterfinals against the team they will face next Saturday. According to the DAMWON player, his mindset changed after his loss to Caps. The main thing is to make the team strong, because this implies that they will defeat the rival. He also confessed that the best medium will be decided when the World Cup has a new champion.

Nuguri, toplaner of DAMWON Gaming. Image via: LoLEsports

Finally, one of the most prominent members of the Korean outfit is Jang Ha-gwon “Nuguri”. The toplaner has been flying his team since the group stage. Although the rest of the teams They have tried to cancel it, their attempts have ended in complete disaster. During the press conference, Nuguri admitted that he wants to take on G2 Esports and get revenge on them. Although, on the other hand, he also said that they do not know where they will arrive in the Worlds.

G2 Esports offers glimpses of greatness

And finally the rival of DAMWON Gaming arrives, which is none other than G2 Esports, the last hope of the European region. The boys of Carlos Rodríguez «Ocelote» have had a difficult season where your level has become, at times, disputed. In the group stage of this World Championship 2020 they also did not offer the expected performance by the first team of the LEC.

By the time the playoffs started, G2 Esports offered a completely different face. His meeting with Gen.G was proof of that. Members of the European team gave a recital from start to finish and they put a 3-0 on the scoreboard in a series that was, to say the least, a true kind of League of Legends.

Perkz, shooter for G2 Esports. Image via: LoLEsports

One of the most important faces of the organization is Luka Perković «Perkz». The Croatian has suffered a difficult season. His personal affairs and the bottom lane meta have made him don’t feel so comfortable as you would expect from a star like him. But, in this match, the shooter played as he had not done for a long time. He himself has admitted that this year he feels that they are better than the last ones since they are a unit. Now you have DAMWON Gaming in front of you, a team that G2 Esports already beat last year. His message to the rival has been clear, he knows that the Koreans want to beat them, but this year there will be no LCK team in the final.

With all this, one of the clashes that will be looked at with a magnifying glass is in the upper lane. Martin Nordahl “Wunder” He has been a sure toplaner for G2 Esports for several seasons. Now you will have to fight one of the best top lanes in the world. But the Dane is not nervous about his rival. Thus, he admits that he has not focused much on DAMWON Gaming because he thinks he has to think about G2 Esports. However, Wunder confessed that he does not believe that DWG is a threat to Europeans, as they normally beat Korean teams.

Caps, G2 Esports midlaner, during the match against Gen.G. Image via: LoLEsports

However, the real featured duel It is on the central street. And is that Rasmus Winther «Caps» He played a series against Gen.G where he showed that he could be considered the best midlaner in the world. The player clarified that in the past they have had good results against the Korean region, but this year’s goal has nothing to do with the previous ones. To this he added that, despite the fact that DWG is a much stronger team than Gen.G, if they play their own style and even better than in the quarter-final match, they can achieve the same and win again by three maps to zero.

All this will be decided in the confrontation between DAMWON and G2 Esports that start next Saturday, October 24 at 12:00 (CEST). The winner of this match will be the first to reach the finals of this World Championship 2020, so the expectation is maximum.

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