CS: GO – Fans were amazed to learn that esports gamers have some tweets written for them

By Ucatchers

Here’s the news that didn’t leave everyone puzzled, it all started in the morning when various Astralis members tweeted their names, revealing the game that players wrote many of their tweets to them from a third-party PR organization.

Some have a lot of intrigue and are amazed and angry that international stars are tricking others into helping them with their social media tasks in addition to working twelve hours a day. Duncan Shields even suggested that he wants to pee on his shirts.

Okay, that’s just Thorin being Thorin, but it’s still an ambitiously hot shot.

These are people who are constantly given a platform, just as a fun note.

Lukas Rossander acknowledged this and mocked him with a tweet of his own making, to accentuate the sudden insanity that somehow resulted from the inclusion of a name before a Tweet.

Here’s the hot take: it’s the norm in sports and celebrities in general. In fact, it should be more prevalent than it is currently, as it could contribute to MIBR’s fascinatingly poor performance in public on Twitter.

This could help the Overwatch League with its young professionals suddenly come into the limelight, where they are known to be a little off balance and constantly fined until they leave the league because they are not enough. friendly to the public.

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