CR Liguria inaugurates the Monday night of the eSerieE

By Ucatchers

The eSport eSerieE Championship of CR Liguria of the National Amateur League starts tonight.

The Regional Committee of the NLD, led by the President Giulio Ivaldi, is ready with the ribbon cutting of its first Championship eSeriesE, exclusively dedicated to the clubs of the Ligurian territory participating in regional championships (Excellence, Promotion, First, Second and Third Category). After Lazio and Abruzzo, they are ready for Joypad, in Liguria, 20 teams divided into two groups of 10 which, starting this evening, will also bring their colors to the PlayStation console, in search of a prestigious and absolutely unique title, in addition to the possibility of playing for access to the eSeriesD and to Italian Amateur Cup in digital format.

The protagonists of the CR Liguria about to inaugurate the brand new competition, inserted in the panorama of gaming of the National Amateur League, are: Atletico Genova, Borgo Incrociati, Dinamo Santiago, Legino 1910, Levante C Pegliese, P. Caramagna, Ruentes 2010, Taggia, Vallecrosia Academy, Ventimiglia Calcio in the group A and Angelo Baiardo, Athletic Club Albaro, Ca De Rissi San Gottardo, Calcio Nave, Forza E Courage, Nuova Oregina, Pro Pontedecimo Calcio, Rupinaro Sport, San Desiderio, Sporting Ketzmaja in the group B. The entire path of the competition, with results, rankings and news, will be present on the CR website and on the national one

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