Counting Cards in Blackjack


Hi to all our readers and welcome to our article about counting cards in blackjack, a common activity that many players try to do but only a few are successful enough to get something good from doing it. We know that it’s not  part of how to play blackjack, but we have written this article to let you know the problems this strategy can bring.

Despite this, is it really worth trying to do this? In this article we are going to give you 5 main reasons why counting cards in blackjack is an activity that you should avoid, as there is more to lose than more to gain if you decide to do that.

Five Reasons Why You Should not Count Cards

Even though there is the general assumption that counting cards is an amazing technique to put into practice in order to have some advantage in Blackjack, as you can see in different tutorials, books and even films, the truth is that there are many reasons why not to. Let’s list them:

  • It’s really hard to do it in a casino
  • It’s hard to learn
  • Rough patches can be terrible
  • Potential Winnings are too low
  • Being discover can result in big problems

It’s really hard to do it in a Casino

Think about the next. When you are playing in a Casino, the general atmosphere there is really far from the one you can find in a club or at home. Music, machine sounds, other players, the croupier, casino’s employees and curious people watching are some of the distractions that you surely have to face there.

Thus, being distracted is just a matter of time and, consequently, focusing on the cards, bets and rules, that you should always check in the blackjack carpet before you start playing, become absolutely a pain in your neck. Remember that if you miss one card, all your efforts are useless.

It’s Hard to Learn

If you want to master this technique, you should be aware of the different variations, rules and system that take part of the game. Then, you should play using the basic strategy to have control of the game and your bets according to your bankroll.

What is more, you need to train your brain to be good at memory games, as you need to remember every single card and its values used in the play. Keep in mind that you base your bets on your memory, so every card is important.

Rough Patches Can Be Terrible

Especially if you are an unexperienced player, one problem of counting cards is that is really easy to fall into temptation, as you feel confident about your knowledge about the cards played. However, if you are experiencing a rough patch, you can make a serious damage to your budget trying to recover from bad hands.

Apart from that, bear in mind that casinos have been in this business for a long time, and they have always the advantage in matters of gambling, so for you having a winning streak is harder than you can imagine.

Potential Winnings are too low

Many people think that counting cards means making money, so the more you do the more you win. However, that is not true. You are not going to become millionaire by doing this and you should have it etched in your mind.

In some Youtube tutorials and films, they show you that it’s an easy task to do, but remember that not always that glitter is gold. Your only possibility to increase your chances is making sidebets.

Being Discover Can Result in Big Problems

Throughout the times, counting cards has be tried millions and millions of times, so Casinos are aware of players doing it. Therefore, being discovered is, sometimes, just a matter of time. For this reason, many casinos have taken precaution and have adopted the use of machines without automatic shuffle.

Apart from that, casinos have a list of players who try to count cards and usually share this information with other casinos, so you can be included in a black list and gambling sites can even forbid you to play there.


As you see, even when counting cards seems to be a good strategy in blackjack to obtain some advantage, the difficulty to do this along with the risks you should take are problems important enough to make you avoid doing it. We know that temptation can be hard to avoid and this is why many players end up making this common mistake. So, our piece of advice is do not try this.

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