Competitive changes arrive in Valorant patch 2.02

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After the reforms in Split With the previous version, this week Valorant patch 2.02 focuses its efforts on adjust the accuracy of rifles during movement and shape the competitive system for players looking to improve and rise high in the rankings.

Changes to accuracy in Valorant patch 2.02

During a game it is very frustrating for the enemy to land a bullet in the head while maintaining a dead weight on the w. The balance team has thought these changes to make these murders less frequent:

  • Increase the accuracy reduction when shooting while running with all rifles: 3.75 >>> 5.
  • Increase the precision reduction when shooting walking with all rifles: 0.8 >>> 1.1.
  • Increase the accuracy reduction when shooting while walking crouched with all rifles: 0.3 >>> 0.8.

As for the competitive, the MMR, or hidden skill rating, it will weigh more when this value is far from the range that it has, so fewer games will be needed to reach the corresponding rank.

Another change along the same lines is the performance bonus between Iron and Diamond. A player with exceptional performance (relative to his own level) will get more points. This will quickly get good players out of the low ranks and help create more balanced games.

On the other hand, in Diamond 3 the predesigned teams will have a maximum of 2 players, to prevent some players from reaching ranks that do not belong to them.

Plans for the next versions

The Tactical Shooter Balance Team has posted a lengthy article listing competitive-related changes that will not be implemented during this Valorant 2.02 patch, but are already in the oven:

  • Rewards based on rank to encourage improvement in competitive games.
  • Penalties for inactivity that will result in a significant loss of rank points.
  • Less aggressive range resets between acts, although the opposite will happen between episodes.

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