Common Mistakes in Blackjack

By Ucatchers

Greeting to all our readers and welcome again to our Blackjack section to know more and more about this beautiful game. It’s time now to speak about common mistakes in blackjack, little (and also not little) that can make you lose your bets and, consequently, your money. So, let’s make a revision to the most common errors that can make in order to avoid them.


Common Mistakes in Blackjack

As you can see in our article about tips to win in blackjack, on the other side of the coin are the errors you can make even without noticing it. In Wincatchers, we have prepared for you a list with the 7 most common mistakes that you should detect and avoid to become a blackjack professional player.

1. Not Using a Basic Strategy

Although blackjack is a game of chances, the use of a correct strategy can help you a lot in matters of results. The use of the Blackjack Chart is known as this strategy that you should put into practice to increase your chances of winning. Despite the casino where you are playing at, it can be always useful, so you shoul use it. You can find the blackjack chart in some books or you can download from internet.

2. Ignore the Rules of the Table

In this game you are using your own money, so you need to be aware of the rules and possibilities before placing your bets. Without this, no strategy is good enough. taking that into consideration, you can’t just sit in any table and start playing. In order to know about the rules you need to read them all in the blackjack carpet. Bear in mind that this is esential for your game.

3. Using the Insurance Very Often

According to statistics, it’s in general a bad decision. The insurence of a bet is a false hope for players who want to need the idea of protection. You should avoid using it as it does not raise your chances of winning and, in the long term, the only winner will be the casino.

4. Playing in tables with CSM

The continuous shuffling machines (CSM) are automatic devices that shuffle cards instead of a croupier. One of the main problems for players remains in the fact of speed, as those devices accelarate the game. Remember that it’s better for you if you can take your time and think carefully in your strategy to avoid making mistakes.

5. Raising your Bet because of a Hunch

Most players believe that they lose various hands in a row, there will be a better chance for them to recover later. Bear in mind that your chances of winning after one hand is always the same: you can win or you can lose. Having a hunch seems to be good but it’s, in fact, very dangerous for your money if you base your betting decisions on it.

6.  Playing in Various Tables at a Time

Many players decide to do this as there are different casinos where it’s allowed to do. However, keep in mind that being a blackjack mutiplayer is not easy at all and you need to make a higher use your resources, including energy and bankroll, to face the action in different tables. It would be better for you to focus on one table at a time.

7. Making use of Progressive Bets

Progressive bets are not the best way to play blackjack. You should not raise constantly your bet to recover loses as it’s not the form to have your money back with an extra.  Remember that each hand in independent from that others, so don’t waste your bankroll fighting lost battles.

All that been said, blackjack demands strategy and different aspects to consider. Being aware of them are a crucial part to know how to play blackjack properly and help you to make also side bets to increase your chances of being a winner.

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