Combined (Hitpoint Masters Winter Playoffs)

By Ucatchers

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To deal with this Hitpoint Masters Winter forecast, it must be clarified that this is a combined bet. We add the victory by 1 map difference or more of eSuba with Cyber ​​Gaming winning at least one map.


eSuba has always been the undisputed champion of this league, this season has been the worst they have done in a long time, if they faced another team I would stay on the sidelines. We entered with eSuba especially for the terrible season of Inside Games, which far from getting better in the last few days, was a debacle, they lost everything. IG giving a very bad level and they reach the playoffs because there was literally no one better to enter the playoffs.

eSuba has a much better team and although the regular league has not been as they expect, right now I do not see IG even winning a map to eSuba, but we are going with the HA-1.5 in case eSuba has it on a map. IG is coming on a 7 loss streak and has been winless since November 1.

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On the other hand, in this Hitpoint Masters forecast we have Cyber ​​Gaming against Repre Gold. Cyber ​​Gaming could perfectly have been first, if we look at what they have done in the league we will see that the first games did not go so well, but that from a certain week they won everything. This is because at the beginning they did not have the closed team. As soon as they closed the team, they began to give a spectacular level and win everything. Repre Gold is a better team, but it is the typical team that is good at bo1. Cyber ​​Gaming has more experienced players and you should be able to play one-on-one with RG. I see it very difficult for RG to beat Cyber ​​Gaming 3-0 right now.

Combined: eSuba vs Inside Games + Repre Gold vs Cyber ​​Gaming (Hitpoint Masters Winter Playoffs)
eSuba HA-1.5 + Cyber ​​Gaming HA + 2.5 (Match – Handicap) Share: @ 1.77 (Bet365)
Stake: 1/10Date: Saturday November 28, 2020, 3:00 p.m. CET
Status: Open

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