Collusion in Poker

By Ucatchers

Hi to all our followers! Welcome to our new article related to the poker world. In this opportunity, we are going to speak about an illegal strategy that many players develp in the game: collusion in poker, something that is prohibited and, as aconsequence, it’s against the rules. Bear in mind that this action can be found not only in live poker but also in the online version.

What is Collusion in Poker?

This term is used to define illegal actions in poker to try to get some advantage with it. In general words, it ocurrs when two or more people start working together to get money from other opponents. Even though poker sites claim they are skillful enough to detect this kind of actions, the truth is that, especially with the online poker version, it’s really hard to catch professional players doing that.

The reason for some players to make collusion in poker is that although it’s an individual game, joining forces with some opponents can bring great benefits to those players involved in this. However, we condemn this practice because, as we said before, it’s against the rules.


Different types of Collusion

As you surely know, imagination allows players to create and develop strategies all the time in order to take advantage of any situation. This happens in life and also, of course, in poker. Let’s pay attention to the most common collusions that you can see whan playing poker.

Squeezing or Team Work

As we explained in the first definition, collusion involves an association of players to obtain some benefits, so in this case there is no risk of making mistakes with bets as they are playing together to get money from the other opponents and increase their bankroll. For this reason, they need to make use of some codes to communicate between each other.

A strategy that goes hand in hand with it is the squeeze, a similar concept of gameplay that only takes place in the pre-flop. In that case, as a cooperative game, members who are taking part of the collision can raise and reraise bets, making really difficult the participation of the outsiders.

Chip Dumping

You know that in poker you are not allowed to take some chips from your stack and give them to another player. However, some participants of the collusion can make use of different strategies to do that. For example, they can raise and “lose” money during the game in benefit of the secret companion who is needed of chips.

Soft Play

Soft play is the easiest collusion to detect. The play consist in not betting or doing it softly to make understand the other player that he shoulnd’t take part ofthe hand. In order to avoid it, players are forced to bet in the river in case they have the nut, but it’s not easy to prove. maybe the player just doesn’t realise of that.


You should be aware that collusion is not an exclusive movement for normal plays, in fact it can also happen in tournaments, cash games and sit & go. So, what can you do if you detect it happening? Well, you can report players to the casino or poker site authorities to put an end to this. The problem with that is that those authorities, in general, just kick them off of the site and that’s it.

You need, however, just to consider it and act accordingly. Collusion is a bad thing that is not good for the game. Please, don’t let it to get you down, as poker is a really amazing game, such as dice games also, that is really worth playing it.

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