CoD Black Ops Cold War: here’s how to finish the battle pass

By Ucatchers

The first season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War it will end on Thursday 25 February, along with its Battle Pass. This season’s Pass features a host of great rewards. From the MAC-10 and Groza skins to the legendary operator Stitch – there’s a lot to unlock. However, Completing all 100 levels before Season 2 arrives is proving to be a difficult task for some. If hardcore fans finished the pass weeks ago, others may be close to the finish line while the first season timer continues to count down. If you are among the latter, do not be afraid: there is a quick and easy way to earn more XP so you can quickly complete the Battle Pass.

There are some false rumors in the Cold War community about which mode grants the most experience points. Some fans believe multiplayer modes such as Kill Confirmed, are the best way to earn the maximum amount of XP. Others believe that playing Fireteam mode for large teams is the fastest way to earn levels. However, the fastest way to earn XP ever and level up your Battle Pass is playing Zombies. The amount of XP you can rack up in a single game of Zombies is astounding, but it all depends on how many Zombies you kill. Furthermore, earning more XP depends on how big your team is. If you decide to do it alone, you will only earn a small percentage of the XP that players on a team earn. A Redditor recently collected data that compare XP rates in Solo vs Group in Zombies. The results are astounding.

As the graph shows, playing on a team of any type rewards you with nearly four times the XP in Zombies. However, a group is not defined as a party of friends: you can play in a public lobby and receive the same results. If you haven’t reached level 100 of the Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Battle Pass yet, playing Zombies with a team offers the best chance of finishing in time for the new season. The second season of Cold War and Warzone will begin on February 25th. Slay as many zombies as you can and take home all 100 Battle Pass levels!

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