Catawba Indian Nation is one step closer to Two Kings Casino Resort

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Catawba Indian Nation announced that it is moving forward with the plan to establish a Las Vegas-style casino on Kings Mountain. This week it reached a key agreement with the state of North Carolina to proceed with the establishment of the facility that is expected to be just 35 minutes from Charlotte.

The Catawba Indian Nation celebrated the approval of North Carolina legislators as significantly important, as without it, Class III games will not be allowed in the future Two Kings Casino Resort which includes blackjack and slots.

Only Class III games need official approval, unlike Class I and Class II games, which are bingo and poker games.

According to Chief William Harris, the project timeline is still uncertain and the opening date is impossible to predict, but he said an “introductory casino gaming facility” is expected to open this fall.

Meanwhile, Charlottle Business Journal reported that the 17-acre site classification is almost complete.

Agreement details

The agreement between Catawba Indian Nation and the North Carolina government includes an important share of casino revenue and a tax benefit that will help with the state’s financial problems.

According to the plan, the future installation of the casino will cost $ 273 million and will represent a 195,000 square foot mixed-use development with more than 75,000 square feet of play space. The casino will feature 1,796 slot machines, 54 table games and a players club, as well as restaurants and bars with a total of 940 seats. It will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

According to Harris, there will not only be economic benefits for the state, since the entire project, from start to finish, will open thousands of Job opportunities for the people of the whole area.

Catawba Indian Nation’s proposal was approved by the US Department of the Interior last March, but the coronavirus pandemic triggered a significant setback. Still, approval was the first big step toward construction of the 16.57-acre casino complex on Kings Mountain.

It is not yet clear if the project will move forward without any other issues along the way, but construction is sure to take several years, while players in Philadelphia experienced an exciting event last week with the opening of Live! Casino & Hotel in the state.

The recent facility opened for exclusive club members only and the full opening is scheduled for February 11. It is located just 6 miles from the Brooklawn Mall and is worth $ 700 million. The recent Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia is located next to the Stadium Holiday Inn, which was demolished for the purposes of future installations.

The future facility is supposed to benefit the city by contributing $ 2 billion in economic stimulus, $ 100 million to Philadelphia’s tax revenue in the first 5 years, and $ 25 million to the school district.

Source: “Las Vegas-Style Casino on Kings Mountain Moves Forward,” Charlotte Agenda, January 28, 2021

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