Caps and the honor of engraving his name in history

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Caps Worlds Gen.G

Born, grow, reproduce, and die. According to the wise tongues, that is the cycle of a complete life. During the course of growth, human beings seek happiness. In the investigation of this aforementioned well-being, many factors influence. One of the main ones is recognition, standing out from the rest and that future generations are capable of remember his name.

But this event is not simple, it depends on many variables. Fort Minor approached them with the song Remember the Name. The chorus of the musical theme tells that it is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain and this gives 100% reasons to remember your name. And deep down he is not wrong. You always have to be willing to get to work on your project, be skilled at it and have a taste for what you do. Suffering is one of the important parts of the journey and, above all, having that bit of luck to help you fly. If all the ingredients are mixed correctly, the result is a page in the history book.

In the National Basketball Association, for example, many players see their jersey numbers retired. The best are given special treatment and have their names written in the well-known Hall of Fame or Hall of Fame. There are cases in which teams even carve a statue in honor of the player, such as Michael Jordan in Chicago. In esports, despite their short history, some will already be remembered as legends. The most notable is that of Lee Sang-hyeok “Faker”. Korean is regarded as the best midlaner of all time, both for his game and for his image.

A dream career

If Faker is in Korea, in Europe he militates Rasmus Winther «Caps». With only 20 years, the center lane has lived it all as a professional League of Legends player. Since his arrival in the League of Legends Championship Series EU (LCS EU), now known as the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), the Danish player has completely dominated the European plane.

Caps landed on Fnatic in December 2016. From that moment it was known that a star had been born in the League of Legends of the old continent. With him, the hopes of the servant were resurrected: ending Korea was no longer a dream, the reality was there. In his freshman year, although he failed to win the LCS, he reached the milestone of reaching the 2017 World Championship. His path to the world championship would be short, as would fall in the quarterfinals against the Royal Never Give Up of Jian Zi-Hao «Uzi». Of course, the already nicknamed Baby Faker had been born. He came to conquer his region and, over time, try to do the same on the international scene. This experience is something Caps has come to value over time.

Fnatic CapsCaps in his time at Fnatic. Image via: LoLEsports

Thus began his second year at Fnatic. From the start of the competition, the Danish player did not give his rivals a chance. Two consecutive championships with a 3-0 a G2 Esports and a 3-1 to Schalke 04. Fnatic’s midlaner was unleashed. Like polar bears in the food chain, Caps reached number one in the LCS midlaners. Nobody could with him, he seemed an invincible player.

But young dane’s target It wasn’t the LCS, it was the 2018 World Championship. Caps wanted world dominance. In this way, group stage It was a walk for the European team in which the central lane played. They ended it with five wins and one loss. In the playoffs it was not going to be any different. They swept both with EDward Gaming as with Cloud9. But the final would be completely different. Rookie and his Invictus Gaming teammates weren’t just any team. So much so that Fnatic lost by three maps to zero and European dreams were shattered again, like a heart that has just suffered a heartbreak.

The need to win is pressing

After his fall in the quarterfinals and in a World Cup final, the dane needed a change of scene. Find a team that will give him back that 5% of luck that will allow him to win the most important international competition of the Riot Games MOBA. Destiny? G2 Esports and a “super team” created to sweep the competitive League of Legends.

Caps Worlds 2019The midlaner reaches his second consecutive final, this time with G2 Esports. Image via: LoLEsports

In your new home Caps would join Wunder, Jankos, Perkz and Mikyx. The doors of success were before him, he only needed the key to open them. The wait ended and it was time to test if this set would really be as dominant as promised or he would be left in a new esports flop. The result was not delayed. Caps got a new European title and, for the first time, the old continent was going to win an international championship. The victory of the Mid-Season Invitational 2019 It was proof that the Dane and his new teammates could, at last, take over from China and Korea.

In summer, the boys of Carlos Rodríguez «Ocelote» they got a new LEC, the fourth in a row for Caps. Although, despite the victory, this was not the goal pursued by the Europeans. The expectation was maximum for a World Championship 2019 that was played in his own home. Although they passed as second in the group stage, they made it to the playoffs.

From now on the dominance of G2 Esports was evident. They beat two of the teams that came with the category of favorites as they were DAMWON Gaming Y SK Telecom T1 relatively easily. It finally seemed that Caps was making his long-awaited dream of becoming the world’s best midlaner come true.

However, the ghosts of the past haunted the head of the center lane again. The European star would have to face a Chinese team in the final for the second year in a row. Although it is true that the reason is not known, it is clear that the Dane has some kind of mental block with the super server teams. FunPlus Phoenix, with a Kim Tae-sang “DoinB” without rival, it passed over G2 Esports and this meant the second final that Caps lost by a bulky 0-3.

An opportunity for Caps to redeem himself

Caps Worlds 2020Caps will have a new chance at the 2020 World Championship. Image via: LoLEsports

While it’s true that a second loss of this caliber could wipe out the mindset of some players, Caps’s ambition to win outweighs the potential disappointment at the loss. Without prior notice, Caps and Perkz decided to change their roles. This would allow the Croatian to return to the center lane and regain his desire to play, while the Dane was given the opportunity to see Summoner’s Rift from another perspective. It is true that the rest of the teams could have taken the opportunity of the roster reform, but G2 Esports would once again win a new title at home, the fifth in a row for Baby Faker.

With the absence of the Mid-Season Invitational, a new summer LEC season began. In her, Caps was returning to his central street, regaining control of a position that has always been his. Although the level of the team trained by Fabian Lohmann “Grabbz” It wasn’t the best, it was enough to get a new homemade trophy. The sixth in a row for Rasmus and the demonstration that no one in Europe can overshadow it. Now in the absence of his showdown against DAMWON Gaming In the semifinals, Caps will seek a new final and, with it, finally remove the thorn of the world finals. After all, they say the third time is the charm.

What is clear is that, at 20, Rasmus Winther has established himself as the best midlaner in the history of the old continent. Six consecutive titles in Europe, two consecutive Worlds finals Y five consecutive appearances at international events. He only failed at the 2017 MSI. The world should start to shake, because Caps is hungry to win and to be remembered for eternity.

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