Bwipo on Rekkles: “He is so special and so good that he has very few weak points to attack”

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Bwipo interview

The first week of LEC has made several headlines on the biggest teams, with G2 Esports the undisputed leader and Rogue being another rival to beat. On the other hand we would have more questioned teams such as MAD Lions, SK Gaming and the most famous: Fnatic with Bwipo protagonist.

The English club is not going through a good time and the toplaner has come out to show his face so that the fans continue to trust the English club, with which we have been able chat with him about the first week of competition and his impressions of the future of Fnatic.

A difficult start to the season for Fnatic

The club has started the LEC with two games in a row losing, though won the last of the weekend. “I feel very good; I am very happy to have won and I feel more and more comfortable when I can help the team«, Mentions the toplaner.

When asked about the lost games, the Belgian highlighted the failures he had had in the defeats against Misfits and Rogue: «Looking ahead to the third game, how do you know what to do at each moment of the game and above all be more attentive«.

A favorable goal for Fnatic and Bwipo in this 2021

About him current goall, we mentioned that the toplaner can be very favored and it was very likely that it could be the main victory condition. Regarding the question, he does not believe that it is the main one but it is very influential: «My main idea is that If my colleagues need help, I’ll be there to lend a hand to the team at any time during the game «.

We also ask you about any secret champion For the next few, he gives us a smile thinking of several of them: «I have a pair of them with whom I know very well to play as it can be Urgot, with which I think I can outplay many champions that are currently in the meta. As well I’m thinking of bringing Rengar back«. However, he mentioned that he has a few champions up his sleeve.

The departure of Rekkles hurt in the ranks of Fnatic

We mentioned to plan something that is obvious: departure from Martin «Rekkles»Larssen brought about a drastic change in the ranks of the club, making the player become the head of the team. To this, the Belgian mentions that He doesn’t think he can supply a figure like Rekkles, but it may be “good enough for the fans.” To our question about whether it can be said that it is the Team “father”, he began to laugh. He told us that at most would be the “older brother”, but father definitely not.

With that all said and done, G2 Rekkles is something I’m excited to play against. I’ve only ever had the chance to appreciate his gameplay from one perspective. Now I will have the chance to see it from another.

All the best to Rekkles and G2, it’ll be a banger of a year.

– Bwipo (@Bwipo) November 20, 2020

Although your best player was now in the team of samurai, He has been playing in the ranks of Fnatic for many years so the Belgian would probably know his weak points. However, he declared something that surprised but at the same time was to be expected: «Rekkles is too special and so good that it has too few weak points to attack«.

New signings at Fnatic and the duo Bwipo-Selfmade

We also had time to talk about the new fnatic signings: Yasin «Nisqy» Dinçer and Elias «Upset» Lipp. Regarding the contributions that both players could have, Bwipo mentions the following: “It is not necessary that they bring something new but they do we will be better in different aspects of the game. For example the beginning of departure they will be quite different from what we were used to last year. Now we can opt for champions much more focused on the early game «.

As for the couple with Selfmade, believes they are one of the most dangerous duos in the league: «I think we are a couple who can have a lot of impact on the map and the game«. Finally, on the future of the team, the toplaner believes that they will arrive at the end of LEC in spring and summer: «We hope to reach the final at least and try to beat G2 again but this time to take the title«.

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