building a lantern by reading

By Ucatchers

Descartes returns to Poker10 to discuss with Kaveson a hand in which the professional player and coach bluffs by reading the range and previous actions of the opponent.

The hand of Descartes, with Kaveson

The hand of Descartes, with Kaveson

We present you a new video of the series The hand of Descartes, in which the Spanish pro and coach analyzes a hand in the company of Kaveson.

On this occasion, they show us a hand played in NL400, in PartyPoker .fres before a reg who usually performs a direct game.

Descartes tells us step by step how he played a hand that had a explosive ending and marked by the board and previous actions.

Do not miss the details of the analysis, nor the YouTube channel of Descartes Poker. We leave you with him video.

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