Brawlhalla has announced the prize pool for the 2021 season

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FullEsports - Brawlhalla has announced the prize pool for the 2021 season

Brawlhalla, the free platform Fighter, has announced the prize pool of its competitive season for this year 2021, nothing less than one million dollars, this being the largest prize pool in the entire history of the FGC

It is also the largest prizepool of all Brawlhalla. the 2019 season only had $ 200,000, so this year 2021 has managed to quintuple the prize to be distributed among all the players.

A prizepool of this size is something totally new in the fighting game community. To compare a bit and see how big it really is, the CSFV’s apcom Cup is a prize of $ 200,000, and the EVO, the largest figthing games tournament in the world, if we add up all the prizes from all the games and years that have been made, counting from 1996, the prize pool reaches 1.8 million dollars.

Along with this announcement they have also reported some changes they are going to implement for their competitive communityAs a series of events throughout the year, we even implement a new feature in to make registration easier.

We can see the event tour that is going to have this season of competitions, with one tournament for each season, along with an extra one in summer, ending the season with the World Championship in November.

FullEsports - Brawlhalla announces its prizepoolRoadmap of the next tournaments / Official Brawlhalla

Why does Brawlhalla have this prizepool?

This news may seem strange for the FGC itself, used to much smaller prizepools, the reality is that Brawlhalla has a huge fan base, although its community takes a different path from the rest of figthing games.

According to Ubisoft, Brawlhalla has more than 50 million users, It is the most played fighting game on the market by far. Because it is free, it is found on many platforms, and it has a very good netcode. For comparison, the most played figthing game on Steam is Tekken 7, with 5,000 people a day.

We carry several news of canceled tournaments this year, so this is good news for those fighting game fans who want to enjoy a good competition.

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