Brame vs Team Liquid – Dota 2 Prediction

By Ucatchers

Brame vs Team Liquid (DPC DreamLeague – EU Div 1)
Pick: Brame + 1.5 vs Team Liquid (Handicap Maps)
Share: @ 2.00 (Bet365)
Stake: 3/10
Date: Tuesday April 27, 2021, 6:00 PM CET

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Brame vs Team Liquid

Let’s go with the +1.5 of Brame vs Liquid, we only need a map, Brame comes in a very optimal shape to enter in their favor. It is a quintet that is evolving very well.

The team consists of Focus as HardCarry, in the middle line we have W1sh, as Offlaner Skylark and as Supports we have CTOMAHEH1 and SsaSpartan. It is a set that has not changed and played together for a long time. This is noticeable and I would say that they are able to put the map in excess, although it has a lot of risk of course.

Liquid is a high-level team, they can perfectly get a 2 to 0 from them, but I am guided by my knowledge.Liquid status is now not the best unlike Brame and the meta para does not favor Liquid at all. For these reasons I enter this @ 2 that has a lot of value.

Apart from all of this, Liquid brings a very important drop as is Boxi. Yesterday they made it official that the player will take time out of Dota2 to be with his family, I imagine it will be due to family problems. In his place will play NotaiL, a very good player, but who has not competed for about 1 year.

This can be a double-edged sword, or the player adapts in less than 3 days or does not adapt at all and they play very badly. Liquid has a very rare style of play, and I don’t know to what extent NotaiL will adapt well to this form of play.. I still do not know if they will put it in pos2 and Qojv they put it in the Off because no details have been confirmed.

And a very strong point is that NotaiL plays from home, It has not yet been confirmed that he will go to the GH of Liquid, and I would be very surprised if the player agrees to leave his home, for maybe a few days or a few weeks, at least for this match I don’t know if he will be there, it means that it will play with a different Ping from the rest.

Here you can see Brame! Good luck!

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