Blitzcrank Wild Rift Guide: The Naughtiest Golem Is Coming

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FullEsports - Wild Rift Single Champion Recommendation: Bliztcrank

Behind the last week’s review of Graves, a new guide arrives from the hand of Blitzcrank for Wild rift. Once again we will give you small ideas focused on the beginners of the game.

Designated as one of the champions within the strongest support role and taking advantage of its simplicity, we position our protagonist today as a feasible selection to start.

This Blitzcrank guide for Wild Rift is aimed at people who are just starting out in the game

As usual, various basic points of “the steam golem” before we get into the matter as such:

  • Blitzcrank is a champion thought to be played support for, inside of dragon street.
  • Its itemization is tank, but when dealing magic damage with his abilities, we could buy AP items if we needed.
  • He’s not a champion with a great source of mana, so be careful to use all your skills in a short space of time if we don’t want to go back to base ahead of time.
  • His speed and his main skill [1] make him a perfect champion for besiege in the rest of the lines. Don’t just stay in your line and move.


  • Mana Barrier [Pasiva]: Blitzcrank creates a shield that absorbs 104 damage (30% MR) for 10s. when it comes down from 35% of your life.
  • Missile grab [1]: Throw your right hand, which grabs and pulls the target into position.
  • Overload [2]: Blitzcrank increases his movement speed by 70% for 4s in a decreasing way and its attack speed 30%. When Overload ends, the champion se slows 30% for 1.5s.
  • Power fist [3]: Blitzcrank charges his fist to deal 105 Physical Damage (180% AD) and lift the target into the air.
  • Static field [Definitiva]: Passive When the skill is on cooldown, enemies attacked by Blitzcrank are marked and take magic damage after 1s. Active Blitzcrank deals 200 magic damage (200 + 80% AP) to nearby enemies and silences them for 0.5s.

Blitzcrank Wild Rift Runes | Source: RankedboostRunes and Spells

  • The key runes for the champion are Reverberation, as we will cause significant damage to our enemies once we perform the hook + fist combo.
  • The rest of the runes that we will use will be focused for immobilization or speed effects: Weakness, Titan hunter and Pack hunter.
  • The summoner spells that we will use most of the time will be the flash and the turn on.
  • The skill upload order will be: [1] → [3] → [2].

Main Blitzcrank constructions according to compositions | Source: Rankedboost Main Object Build

  • The first item we will buy with Blitzcrank will be the Zeke convergence, since in the first bars of departure we will become very tanks for an affordable price. The key statistics that we will win first are +40 armor, +40 resist. magical, +150 maximum mana and +10 skill speed.
  • Normally, when facing the enemy shooter, we will opt for the ninja tabi to withstand his aggressiveness throughout the game, so that his physical damage does not affect us so much. He enchantment that we should catch is that of the Gargoyle.
  • To finish our main construction, we will opt for the Protector’s vote.
  • The rest of the objects will be determined according to how we and our companions do, in addition to what we face. Generally we will look for objects that give us greater resistance or speed.

With this Blitzcrank’s guide to Wild Rift, you can help all your friends who start in the game and do not know what to play for fun.

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