Betway confirms its commitment to African sport, this time with a seminar in Ghana

By Ucatchers


Betway is the online gambling operator with the largest presence in the African country of GhanaSince his arrival in this territory, he has played an active role in promoting sport, supporting underprivileged clubs, giving motivational seminars for future athletes or supplying sports equipment to those who do not have access.

Betway Ball Camp 1st Edition

This time we focus on the Betway Ball Camp, an event that was held on October 15 in Teiman. In this edition, since it is expected to be repeated annually, the focus has been directed towards women who are engaged or who intend to do so, to sports training or to practice a sport at a professional level.

Betway was the organizer and promoter of this idea, which represents another stage in its proposal to promote personal growth through sport in the country of Ghana.

To enrich the level of the talk at the event, experts in different sports disciplines were involved, and topics as interesting and useful as the business opportunities that arise in the world of sports, the use of social networks to promote a brand were discussed , professional attitude, discipline for team sports, or leadership and administration, are some of the subjects that most captivated the audience.

Some of the best known faces that addressed the public were Mercy Tagoe (coach of the Black Queens), Eva Okyere, Juliet Bawuah, Rosalind Amoh and Laura Lake.

Boost sport in Ghana

The opportunities to get ahead in Ghana playing a sport are very few and even more so in the case of women, and sometimes what is missing is minimal training. Betway tries in seminars like the Betway Ball Camp, to contribute that theoretical and psychological part, that can facilitate the path and give a push to a person who has the necessary skills and who does not know how to face the barriers imposed by the difficulties that are attached to the country.

Betway and commitment to solidarity

From Betway they were very proud to be offering important support to coaches and sports professionals, which could very possibly be practical in their careers.

Kwabena Oppong-Nkrumah, Country Manager for Betway in Ghana, stated that they are happy to be providing this support to athletes and coaches in the country, who these days are preparing for the start of the sports season. She even considered that it was something unique since for the 1st time professional sports women in different disciplines met to share models of success, solutions and experiences.

The role that Betway is playing in the social field in Ghana is being quite extended, and the aforementioned issues are linked to the patronage of sports clubs, donations of sports equipment and preparation courses to improve in the theoretical aspect.

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