Betting Sites that do not limit us or Bookmakers with highest limits

By Ucatchers

Many times we have wondered if there are online sports betting houses that do not limit us in our plays.

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The reason why this mystery is overwhelming us, as well as many bettors, is because of the growth of the sports trade market, in short, all that has to do with our desire to earn money with betting on sporting events, those that They are programmed, originally for us to have fun, but in the end they have become the best tool when betting.

Pay attention to what we are going to offer you (the information), because all this will help us to have better options when making our bets. Also look at the best Spanish betting houses.

Bookmakers that don’t limit you or with bigger limits:

There are betting houses with much larger limits , where it is even possible that we can arbitrate (Surebet) without any problems. Those centers that we are going to consider from now on, including some that are also in Asia, that even, apart from not limiting ourselves, stand out mainly for their Odds, which in general are always very high.

To understand what we can do, it is good to clarify that a good option is to go to operators or bookmakers that offer unlimited sports plays. Bookmakers that offer the famous highrollers. But the question arises as to whether such centers exist.

Unfortunately we must say that there is no betting center that offers unlimited sports, sports or any other type of play, well, at least not legal. Those that exist are very particular, because, for example, Online Betting uses its plays without limits, but only with bitcoins (virtual currencies), but they work outside the law, while fraud and scam (scams through electronic means) they are the order of the day on these platforms, so we cannot recommend them. We also recommend our guide to the best bookmakers with cash out.

What is the limitation?

Limitation is a concept that is defined as a decision that a sports betting site makes, which involves its users, who in general are frequent winners in that play center. This is generally what these sites regulate.

It consists of limiting the values ​​to bet of each of the users who wish to place our bets there. This allows us to only be able to place bets with very small values, such as one or two dollars (1 or 2 $).

This really what it manages to do is that the bettors that we like to win withdraw from those betting sites.

Let’s consider another type of limitation, which is a bit more strange, because it is the one that limits us in the quotas of sporting events.

In this other type of limitation, we want users to have lower odds compared to other users, when betting, making it more difficult for us to win money, and leaving us at a disadvantage compared to other bettors.

To learn more about it keep reading everything we present to you.

Exchange houses

These are betting centers that, as their name implies, are of the exchange or Exchange type. They have a very different characteristic from other betting sites, which are normal. In the exchange houses they earn by volume of the money wagered, because they charge a commission to all the winning bets.

In short, for these centers the important thing is that there is a lot of money in the bets, because they will always win, and that is why they do not present us with limitations when it comes to making our plays.

One of the most famous examples of this is the Betfair house, which we will talk about later. This, in its Exchange version, is the largest betting market of all the existing ones, and therefore it will be one of our bookmakers that we are going to recommend. One of the reasons for its reliability is that it has great liquidity, which undoubtedly makes it easier for sports trade to be carried out in the best way.

Trade or Sports trading

In order to move forward on the subject, we must understand very well what a sports trade or sports betting trading is: It is a practice that has boomed in recent times and is consistent in the purchase and sale of plays or bets by from users of exchange bookmakers.

We must consider that despite the fact that sports betting is very old (17th century), because it is a game or market system of such recent birth, the exchange of probabilities begins to gain strength from the beginning of the present millennium, with the emergence from betting centers or exchange houses (very different from traditional betting houses), in which bettors can take positions in favor and even against a specific result, when making our plays.

In other words, sports trading is based on the support we give to certain results, from any sporting event, so that when the results that benefit the desired play are given, we ensure a profit. We will understand this explanation much better with a model or example:

In a Formula One car race, statistical studies indicate that there is a high probability of a driver winning the race, which is around 30% of possibilities; If the majority of the bettors in the market agree, even if it is approximately in the referred forecast (this coincidence does not necessarily have to be exact), we will be able to find in the exchange houses that, the payment per move to that result, will be around (1/40%) = 3.3.

That means that if we make a backup to the pilot we are referring to, with, for example, 100 euros, the benefit or gain that we will receive for having backed the play, if our forecast is specified, will be (100 X 3.3) = 330 euros .

This comes to represent the 100 euros of our initial investment, plus the 230 euros of profit that we achieved due to the support we gave to our forecast.

Now let’s assume that we endorse the suggested result before the competition starts.

As time passes, due to the arrival of many more people (who at the same time represent much more money that will enter the bet and the back of the play) the value of the probability should change (it does not matter if the competition has not started).

Already at this point in time, after this event of money flow, the probabilities must change their value and may increase (or decrease), as the confidence of the market in supporting this result arises.

Therefore, now suppose that the confidence in that result is so high, that the players analyze and conclude that the probability of that result is much higher, say 40%, so the benefit or gain that a new one would receive bettor of this move, would decrease.

Now let’s assume that the probability of this result increases to 40% (as we suggested earlier); so the market share will decrease (1/40%) = 2.25. At this time, we can do sports trading, to ensure a profit that, without taking into account the result of the competition, will leave us a profitability of 47%.

We must understand this because, simply, we invest in an asset at a set price, and then, with the change in situation, due to the confidence that emerged in the market, we can now sell that asset at a higher price.

In short, sports trading consists of ensuring a profit after a change of situation in the sporting event in which we are going to bet, which favors the forecast that is expected.

Betting center limits

There are many places in the world, in different settings or activities, that limit people in their participation, such as, for example, banks that authorize their users to make daily transfers limited to a certain amount …

They do this to protect the owners of the bank accounts so that, if the keys were stolen or the accounts were cloned, they cannot withdraw all their money in a transaction … This will allow them, at least, 24 primary hours to to realize the scam in which they are being victims.

In the world of betting there are also maximum betting limits, figures that would vary according to each betting center, but like a banking example, they seek our protection as bettors.

Although it seems difficult to understand, they do that, as we already mentioned, as a form of protection for our investment, because they can even close our account without prior notice. The problem that arises is that most bookmakers have this very low value, which makes it unfeasible for a player to want to base their bets on the sports trade.

What to do to avoid being limited by the bookmakers?

A very good question that requires an answer at your level. A possible solution to this question will be based on having different accounts at various betting sites or play centers; And then we can proceed to use the limits that each of those sites simultaneously or at the same time. This is a great option for those of us who are beginning to enter this fascinating world of betting and gambling, but it is very clear that it will not be enough for those of us who want to become a professional gambler, or who intend to live from gambling and betting. on-line.

Which betting centers do not limit us?

We must remember that in reality all houses and betting centers have their limits, good most, because there is the exception of betting exchanges and some play centers in Asia, which if they allow us to make our bets without limitations, is They believe that, after all, the money that bettors have to pay is also limited.

Now the question arises as to whether or not we should increase our bets to win much more money. Can we bet without limit?

The answers to those questions are, yes … and no. We have already calculated the risks and we have certain information that allows us to clarify the landscape of our bets, combining them with free bets, welcome bonuses and other promotions at the best sports betting houses and online gaming operators. Let’s continue studying the options.


The temptation that can seize us, along with the desire to make unlimited plays could be legitimate, but in truth it is impossible, as we have been able to verify through everything analyzed, due to the different regulations and limitations that both administrations present Public as the online gaming operators that are private, as well as the betting centers and even the payment platforms that we use in banking operations.

But not everything is lost, because in many cases what we can do is bet with really high limits, in addition to being able to make combinations of different profiles, in different sports play centers, with which 99.9% of fans and Professional punters should have our gaming needs and winnings more than insured or covered.

But what we must take into account, always, is that whatever happens, we should only act and place our sports bets in the play centers that are within the law. We should not venture into the world of illegality or other platforms that promise us impossible limits, because without a doubt, there will always be something wrong behind all that.

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