Betsfy launches the second edition of the World Cup of sports predictions

By Ucatchers

Betsfy, a digital platform specialized in sports information and forecasts, has just launched the second edition of the Betsfy World Cup. In it, sports betting fans find privileged information, advice from professionals in the sector, recommendations based on experience and knowledge of elite former athletes and, in addition, the great possibility is offered to any user of turn your passion for sports into a profession. The winner of the competition will become a professional tipster !!!

Making a dream come true comes from the hand of a world which is the most attractive competition of sports predictions, available to all audiences and which starts its second installment after the great success of the premiere. A World Cup in which any user can aspire to lift the title.

The goal of the Betsfy World Cup is to turn the first classified into a professional forecaster with a scholarship that will make him grow in a growing profession such as being tipster. Through exclusive training and constant advice, the team of Betsfy wants to make the dreams of a simple sports fan and sports gambler come true.

With forecasts and new technologies, a new job opportunity opens up for anyone passionate about the world of sports. The growth of the sector has brought with it the birth of a new class of professionals: the tipsters. An opportunity to turn your evenings of football, basketball or tennis into something fruitful on the couch and your hours of study and analysis to gather information before following your instincts. From there, you can provide your readings and event analysis to an audience seeking advice.

The second edition of the Betsfy World Cup will respect all anti COVID-19 standards and that is why the tournament will be played entirely online and there will be no trips or offline events as happened in the first edition. Last year, the final took place in Las Vegas and in the new edition there are many surprises to be revealed. There will be two phases: a regular league and a Grand Final. Participation will be completely free.

The Betsfy World Cup It is a great opportunity for all those who want to become professionals in the sector. “I went from forecasting for myself to helping my friends for the fun of it. I signed up for the World Cup, I won and my life changed completely. Now I am professional tipster. It’s a dream come true ”, he acknowledges BigBets, aliases of Juan Pedro Horcas, the current champion of the tournament.

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