Bet on Total Victims in LoL

By Ucatchers

LoL statistics

Betting on casualty totals in LoL is quite common, it is a market that is in high demand And if you know how to monitor each league and team very well, you can take advantage of it.

For example, there are leagues that tend to get more kills each map, as in the Chinese league, the LPL. Or leagues where there are fewer kills, as in the LCK which is the Korean league.

Betting on victims in LoL requires strict monitoring of leagues and teams

Within each league there are teams that, on average, already average more or less kills. There is no generic over or under of kills, each league has its own average and depends on the teams that face each other, the over is greater or less than that average. The first thing would be to identify what average number of victims the league has according to the bookmaker and what average is the real one. Then you have to know that each game has its own things, for example, maybe nothing is played and the game has an under trend, but because of this, the over is given. Therefore, you have to follow the leagues both statistically and with knowledge, to take into account all these external things that can happen and affect this market.

The ideal is to have your own database and have enough knowledge of the teams to be able to bet based on this knowledge and with the statistics. There may be games that statistically exceed the line by a victim, but then by background, as in the previous example or by the playability of these two teams, the over or under has more value.

Bet on Total Victims in LoL It may seem easy, but it is not. As you can see, as we have recommended in previous articles, even things that are “pure statistics” must also be based on knowledge.

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