BeastCoast vs Thunder Predator – Dota 2 Prediction

By Ucatchers

BeastCoast vs Thunder Predator (DPC DreamLeague – EU Div 1)
Pick: BeastCoast vs Thunder Predator (Match Winner)
Share: @ 2.05 (Betway)
Stake: 4/10
Date: Friday April 30, 2021, 9:00 PM CET

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BeastCoast vs Thunder Predator

Let’s go with the simple win of Thunder Predator vs BeastCoast.

Thunder Predator comes from doing a real show at the Major, winning TOP WORLD teams. They started as the worst in the tournament and were among the 6 best teams in the Major. Apart from this, they are now in Peru and they are showing a very good level, for me the quota should not be even 1.66.

The team consists of 5 Peruvian members, in the HardCarry position we have Mnz one of the best in Peru, in the middle Leostyle, another of the best in the region. For the off there will be Frank, and in the Supports positions we will see MoOz and Mjz, this quintet could achieve great things.

BeastCoast is currently showing a lousy level. Everything that happened regarding the Major seems to have left a mark on them. BeastCoast does not lift its head and is struggling against very short teams. Although it is true that they have won and ended up coming back the games, they have finally given a very low level.

The BeastCoast roster is very powerful too, but I see it today lower than ThunderPredator. We have K1 in the HardCarry position, in the mid there is Chris Luck, as Offlane we have Wisper and in the Supports positions we have Scofield and Stinger. The team is solid, but in this game I see them below.

If Thunder Predator takes advantage on the maps, I am sure that it will not be traced like other teams. Thunder Predator is a very compact team that comes very reinforced from the Major, and this is giving them enormous strength. Thunder Predator is a clear favorite to return to the next Major.

To all this we add that these two teams know each other very well, it is the Peruvian derby. All Dota2 fans in South America will have their eyes on this match. Without a doubt they will not disappoint, we are facing the two teams that are going to fight for the first place and thus get the place for the Major.

Here you can see Thunder Predator!

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