Barrage of final tables at GGPoker and for La Roja

By Ucatchers

Let the successes continue

Let the successes continue

The headline of Thursday’s session is dedicated this time to that entity that we have come to call the Navy, the Red, … in short, the group of players who have searched for beans in the tournament lobbies of the halls. com.

Tonight there have been no outstanding awards, but we were surprised by the number and variety of the final tables in which we have found very well-known nicks. Everyone has contributed a small grain of sand so that the session, without being particularly memorable for anyone, has been very satisfactory for the rail.

We start the count by Pokerstars, dominated by the classics.

The most striking tournament of the day, apart from the Minis, was the HRC: $ 530 Bounty Builder, which went to $ 121,000 in the bag. Our representative in the FT was Juan Pardo, who had to surrender to the dominance exercised by the pro Brazilian Yuri Martins with a fourth place. Adrián Mateos and Juanki Vecino traced Juan’s final position on Thursday Thrill and Daily Cooldown. In the regular tournaments “davaman” reached the heads-up of the Bounty Builder $ 215, but could not finish with victory.

  • “Malaka $ tyle”; 4th in HRC: $ 530 Bounty Builder HR (242 players, $ 7,663).
  • “Amadi_017”; 4th at HRC: Thursday Thrill $ 1,050 (66 players, $ 6,766). Juan played the FT but did not enter prizes (8th, $ 1,000 in bounties).
  • “B4NKR0LL3R”, 4th in the HRC Daily Cooldown $ 1,050 (56 players, $ 4,255).
  • “davaman”, 2nd in the Bounty Builder $ 215 (263 players, $ 5,602).

In GGPoker Yes, it was possible to celebrate a triumph, even if it was in a much more modest tournament than those of the red spade room.

“Renacuaj0” won the $ 125 early bird Bounty Hunters Special which starts at 1:30 p.m. Two double chances were lost, at the hands of “titoFloren” and “St @ edtLer”.

  • St @ edtLer “; 5th in the Daily Main Event $ 200 (399 players, $ 4,233)
  • TitoFloren“, 3rd in the Bounty Hunters Six Shooter Turbo $ 210 (173 players, $ 4,985)

You can see that all the prizes are of a similar amount and that they do not reach the levels that others that have led their authors to star on the cover, but it is true that the list of featured boxes had not reached this number for a long time. Cup by cup, the Navy continues to add.

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